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Interesting Sirian messages according to the world events - very encouraging
Very encouraging texts of some depth you can find as Sirian messages at More information can be found here.

of Oct 2002:

a website very nicely done by graphics and content of Rudolf Gantenbrink, the discoverer of the Gantenbrink door in the southern shaft of the Khufu pyramid of July/August 2002:

Spirit of Ma´at Webzine - interesting and in-depth articles around spirituality, politics, education and environmental topics (free energy)
of June 2002:
Circuit diagrams with exact technical data to build free energy machines yourself! This means machines, which can deliver unlimited energy without need to input any foreign energy - no perpetuum mobiles...

Past webtips can be found here.

Quite a revolution: Water as gasoline
(26th January 2002)
The water car by Daniel Dingle: Similiar to the car of Stanley Meyer (TV fiction Lone Gunmen Stan Mizer) it seems that Daniel Dingel seems to convert a usual car in a way that it rides with regular tap water. And that it does with 4 litres water on 500 km! More (German article)
But there seems to be already instructions on the internet how to do it like one found here.
And a complete online issue of the ezine Spirit of Maat about free energy you find at this place.
What has happend in the past (and right now?) if you are trying to challenge the oil industry: Caggiano.
And here a list of people which have been suppressed by the oil criminals: And You Say There Ain't No Conspiracy?... A highly interesting site about free energy is the website of Tom Bearden which you can find at He also wrote a fascinating article about the basics of free energy at Tom Bearden article. And an also good article about the troubles of running free energy nowadays and how this will soon change by certain circumstances is found in the interview with Adam Trombly.

Unicorn Camps in England and Germany
(16th March 2001)
Also this summer the fantastic Unicorn-Camps take place in Germany, England, Lithuania and Latvia. This camps have a central theme like voice or dance. The Camp-Ethos is: No Alcohol, no illegal drugs, no mobile phones, no electronic machines which beep, no dogs. Music instruments, outdoor equipment, tents, tipis etc are welcome.

Can animals talk with humans ?
(15 Dec2000)
Is communication possible between humans and animals on a mental plane ? Two articles deal with this topic: How Bill Northern is speaking with horses ( 2nd link if first one does not work) and how cute a parrotcan be. Also from the LauraLeeShow a interview per RA. Go to Bill Northern´s website or contact him by email: Or check Rupert Sheldrake´s articles on animal´s psychic abilities.

Decrypting Messages in water
(23.Sept 2000)
Masaru Emoto has developed a technique for measuring and demonstrating the impact of subtle energies upon water. How can one decrypt messages in water? Short extract with photos at: Check out Masaru Emoto´s homepage at Other link.

Astrology: Online Horoscope computing possible on this site (6.Sept. 2000)
With the computer program Astrolog 5.40 one can compute online charts on
There are also nice sites like where you can compute in real time the movements of the solar system and the earth and even cloud patterns on the whole globe are accessible. Sunsystem and the link to the Earth Viewer and the Star maps.

She Cured Herself of Cancer
(1 April 2000)
Eden Baily shares her story of recovery from cancer, how she devised her own treatment and how her search for understanding may be the key to her recovery.Listen to the interview from the LauraLeeShow per RA.

Moon calendar astrology online
(April 2003)
An english version of the moon calendar is accessible here All the features of the German version are accessible here in English. Even more: Tips for gardening have been added by little icons indicating the best works for the days of the month. This works for sidereal (Maria Thun) as well as for tropical moon calendar. This is calendar can be used free of charge.

A detailed examination by engeneers comes to the result that WTC has been object of a controlled professional demolition
A detailed examination by engeneers how the WTC collapsed had the following result: It was a professional controlled demolition, most probably with military professional explosives. Even more: It is very questionable if passenger planes have crashed into the World Trade Center at all. More under (complete translation is on its way: German Engeneers help the USA.
Fire fighter had reached the 78th floor in WTC - information about this was suppressed again by intelligence services -Feds Withhold Crucial WTC Evidence
Evidence debunking the official explanation for the collapse of the World Trade Center is being kept secret by the U.S. Dept. of Justice on a flimsy pretext. More...
13 Jan 02: Former German state secretary von Bülow surprises with open-minded analysis about the events of the 1th Sept. in large German newspaper
More under Tagesspiegel article (German).
7 Jan 02: Was the shoebomber Reid a sleeper of angloamerican intelligence services? More....
20 Dec 01: Bin Laden Video: A wrong translation as a proof?
The evidence of the video is quite doubtful .... A German TV magazine examined the video and found wrong translation. More under you find here....
19 Dec 01: Israeli spies involved in the attack of 9-11?
The big American TV station FOX brought a shocking reports about the role of Israeli intelligence service networks at in connection with the attacks of 9-11. These reports came out at the same time with the international media reports about the Bin Laden Video. More under: (englisch).

Free Energy converter constructed and patented

The principle of free energy use and the circuit diagrams for it. Quite astounding...
Tom Bearden and other inventors have constructed and patented a device capable of producing unlimited, free energy. The complete annoucement from Spirit of Maat Website. If you are looking for any circuit diagrams in order to build such machines have a look at the website of John Bedini. Quite a few technical descriptions you find especially at this page. More information on the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (click picture beyond):

And some more astounding news about free energy: The Quest for overunity (click picture beyond):

Pharmaceutical industry tries to forbid natural medicine (Nov 2001)

Doctor Rath organizes another campaign for upholding the freedom of therapy towards the interests of the pharmaceutical industry. More Info you find at There you can also participate at an online poll against the plans of Codes alimentarius. Furthermore there is a lecture from Dr. Rath in Berlin on 25th Nov 2001 More Info here.

Interesting english website about the spiritual connections of popular movies
(23th January 2001)
There is quite an interesting and large website about the deeper meanings and spiritual symbolism which can be found in popular movies and films at Eg. check out the reviews of Matrix and Sixth Sense.

Planet beyond Pluto?
(12. Dezember 2000)
A Planet beyond Pluto? A UK astronomer may have discovered a new and bizarre planet orbiting the Sun, 1,000 times further away than the most distant known planet. More...
More discoveries on other objects: 2000 EB 173, Old spacecraft makes surprise discovery, 2000 WR106

Translation of the Medical-Astrological Repertory and Materia Medica online
(6th April 2000)
The first parts of the Medical-Astrological Repertory already available in German for a long time have now been put onto this website. I am looking for a publisher in English speaking countries. The basic translation grid of the repertory will be published part by part on this website. See the Overview of contents for details. Looking for the German version ? See: Medizinisch-Astrologischen Repertorium Seems to be an interesting point of time anyway since today we have the conjunction of Mars, Moon and Jupiter near Saturn in Taurus.

Archive of this News page
The old news of this page are being archived on a folllowup archive page. Here is the Archive.... (unfortunately only in German available right now)

A simple but very effective meditation with the heart
(Feb 2002) To practice the central aspects of loving and letting go, the pillars of every spiritual development one can practice a very simple but also very effective form of heart meditation. The meditation goes like this: more...

Double Remedies in Homeopathy: a long suppressed recognition of Hahnemann?
(January 2002) For more information click: The Double Remedy Affair

Spirit of Ma´at Webzine - interesting articles around spirituality, politics and environmental topics
(June 2002)
Drunvalo Melchizedek founded in February 2001 an online magazine called Spirit of Ma`at dealing with many topics around peace politics, meditation, education, spirituality and free energy and other matters of interest to the spiritually orientated reader. For more information click here.

The Rescuing Hug
(12th May 02)
This is a picture from an article called, "The Rescuing Hug." The article details the first week of life of a set of twins. Apparently, each were in their respective incubators, and one was not expected to live. A hospital nurse fought against the hospital rules and placed the babies in one incubator. When they were placed together, the healthier of the two threw an arm over her sister in an endearing embrace. The smaller baby's heart rate stabilized and her temperature rose to normal.
They both survived, and are thriving! In fact, now that the two girls are home, they still sleep together, and still snuggle. The hospital changed their policy after they saw the effect of putting the two girls together, and now they bed multiples together.
Let us not forget to embrace those whom we love.

The english translation of the first book of Anastasia is available

Vladimir Megre ANASTASIYA "THE RINGING CEDARS OF RUSSIA", St. Petersburg, Dilya Publishing, 2001. is available from right now on on this website. For more information about this extraordinary book and Anastasia movement or the possibilities to obtain a copy go to the information page about Anastasiya. More links and information about Anastasia and everything around her can be found at here. Some remarks of the translator about the translation: Project of SPREADING ANASTASIYA'S WORD

Interesting Sirian messages to the current world events - very encouraging
(6 Jan 2002)

Very encouraging and also in-depth texts you can find iin the form of Sirian messages on the following webpage: Click on Updates for the latest messages.

New and used books on this website
(15th October 2001)
The book database menues and user interface has been translated to English. You can find old and new books on of special fields like astrology, alchemy, new age, natural medicine and occult sciences. More companies for new and used books Justbooks in England and Alibris and services for new books like and are now dynamically linked in a search for book titles. Search options have been improved. In case of not finding the search word(s) an extended search with more tolerance or an author or title search on the internet is possible. You can also place your own offers and requests into a bulletin board (also auctions).

Extraterrestrial races and their face diagnostics
(3.Dec. 2000)
If one may trust the information of relevant search experts in things of extraterrestial Intelligence (one may not naturally...) still no extraterrestial signal has been received. That is a strange discrepancy to all the UFO sightings and meanwhile more and more information about this available on the Internet - this information often amazingly detailed. More...

Reversed Speech or how unconsciousness is expressing itself
(29th April 2000)
Reconded speechs or interviews on tape played backwards result in so-called reversals which show unconscious contents every 10 seconds to 2 minutes (read texts). These reversals are short sentences or short sequences which sound like normal spoken words and which reflect what the unconsciousness thinks about to what has said by the consciousness. The original website from David Oates is It holds many interesting sound examples for RA-Player.One of the last examples is the Ramsey murder case where the unconsciousness seems to reveal much more than the consciousness admits. The list for recommended sound machines can be found at

Gospel of the holy Twelve - Jesus did know something about astrology (Xmas 2001)
"For seven years he conversed with God face to face, and he learned the language of birds and the beasts, and the healing powers of trees, and of herbs, and of flowers, and the hidden secrets of precious stones, and he learned the motions of the Sun and the Moon and the stars and the powers of the letters, and mysteries of the square and the circle and the transmutation of things, and of forms, and of numbers, and of signs. More...

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