Vladimir Megre Vol 7: Energy of Life

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In this volume “Energy of Life” the energy of life is dealt with. A very profound energy of life is the energy of the right thinking and wanting. How do you marry in a very short time an English Lord? Or how can a wife become a Goddess? And what is this all about the speed of thoughts? And why should one eat like one breathes – which is the best nutrition at all? And again there are marvellous stories which touch deeply the soul. So we get to know more about the blue ball and a surprising talk which Anastasiya has with the blue ball after her fights with counter-powers. We get to know more about the old vedrussian civilization and how the effortless stood against the attacks of the Romans – how 90 young vedrussian men dealt with a Roman Elite army of 5000 soldiers and convinced them about the nonsense of their goals. Yes, it just needed just two little arguing vedrussion children and some bees to make the Romans flee. How the orphan Sonya creates with all her power a paradise and why nobody breaks out of prisons in future but breaks IN. Light will be shed on profound contexts.

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