Chess board and chess pieces for chess variations (5.9.06)

German translation.

Chess board and chess pieces for chess variants (5.9.06)

Wouldn´t it be nice to have a set of chess pieces with a board to try all the different chess variants? It exists!

Our western standard chess is not the only chess from in the world. Especially in China or Japan there are Asian forms of chess, e.g. the Chinese Xiang-Qi or the Japanese Sho-Gi and they are played by millions of enthusiastic players. Of course completely different boards and chess pieces are used for this than in our western Form of the chess game. The Chinese for example know pieces like cannons, elephants, mandarins which all have specific movement rules similiar to the pieces of western chess. The following graphic displays a Chinese chess board with pieces:

If you translate the Chinese pieces you find the following pieces:

The pieces are quite similiar to the pieces of modern western chess. The chariot has the same movement rule like our rook. The horse is similiar to our knight and the elephant has similiarities to our bishop. So the idea was to put assemble the different pieces in one chess set to play different chess variants like Chinese, Arabian, Indian, Korean and other variants. The pieces come with an extended board of 8 x 12 fields so that one can play old and modern great chess variants:

The complete chess pieces set comprehends for each color:
2 Kings
2 Queens
4 Rooks
4 Knights
2 Bishop
2 Wezirs (Ferses)
16 Pawn
12 draughts
and two dice of 1-6.

Along with the pieces there comes a laminated board with checkered fields of 8 rows x 12 files. On the back of the board you find a Chinese board which can be used with the western Chess pieces to play Chinese or Korean chess:

Chinese and Korean Chess

Chinese and Korean chess have slightly different rules but a similiar basic setup:

Chinese Chess Xiang-Qi with western pieces (click to enlarge):

Korean Chess Chang-Gi with western pieces (click to enlarge):

Chessvariants with 8 x 8 fields

There are several chess variants which are played on the usual board with 8x8 squares. It is possible to play chess variants like Arabian chess Shatranj, Indian chess for four players like Chaturanga, Burmese chess like Sittuyin, Thai chess Makruk or the normal western FIDE chess. In a brochure (right now only available in German, translation in progress) for pieces and different board setups information on setup and playing rules is given for Give away chess, Berolina chess, Maharaja chess, Marseille chess, Chess Force, shooting chess, Tandem chess or Bughouse-Chess, Fischer-Chess, Cylindrical chess and Two-Board-Chess.

Arabian Chess with elephants instead of bishops (click to enlarge):

Indian chess chaturanga with four armies (click to enlarge):

Burmesie chess Sittuyin with a fixed setup for pawns, but variable positions of the main pieces (click to enlarge):

Thail Chess Makruk with extended pawn line and elephants pieces (click to enlarge):

The Japanese chessvariant Sho-Gi on an extended board

The Japanese chess variant Sho-Gi is quite special and needs a board of 9 x 0 squares or points, has two gold and two silver generals along with horses bishops, lance and rook. No problem: (click to enlarge)

Old and modern great chess variants on an enlarged board

A quite old but interesting great chess variant is Courier-Chess which has been played since the middle ages in Germany (click picture):

Chess/Aces is a modern great chess variant which combines modern and ancient pieces like elephant and fers and has been built up on astrological considerations (click picture):

Similiar variants are Counsellor Chess, Courier-Spiel according to Albers, modern Courier-Spiel or field chess:

With the wood pieces you can play a lot of other chess variants like Kings Court, Capablanca Chess, Gothic Chess, Chancellor Schach, Four seasons chess, Janus Chess. The rules for these variants you find at the excellent website in English language.


Chess variant set

You can order the board (printed board on both sides), the chess pieces, the draughts and the dice as well as a German rule book (translation in progress, please ask, otherwise we like to refer you to for 68,00 Euro in nice box of the size of DIN A 3 by clicking the button below:

Chess variant set with board and pieces
79,50 Euro incl. airmail shipping worldwide
Not available anymore...

German: Anleitungsbuch zu den Schachvarianten

Nur die Anleitung zu den verschiedenen wichtigsten Schachvarianten, einige Schachanekdoten und Schachprobleme in verschiedenen Varianten nebst Lösungen erhält man gedruckt für 19,90 Euro hier incl. Luftpost in alle Welt:

Wood pieces for the different chess variants

Only the pieces for the different chess variants, 64 wood pieces (King height 62 mm) incl. two dice and 24 draughts (23 mm radius) in useful plastic bags (open and close), Picture of the chess pieces see above for 69,50 Euro incl. airmail shipping, please click to order here: Not available anymore...

Chess board for chessvariants

Only the chess board which has a board with 8 x 12 squares on the front side and at the back for 29,90 Euro incl. airmail shipping, please click to order here: only one piece available anymore


Rules for Chess/Aces resp. Chaces
Rules for Chess/Aces as PDF
Origin of chess and its cosmological roots
Chess variants on the internet
Jean-Louis CAZAUX: Origins and the history of chess
Goddess Chess: ORIGIN OF CHESS
Sam Sloans Chess Page
Chess museum Ströbeck in Germany

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