Medical-Astrological Repertory and Materia Medica
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Medical-Astrological Repertory and Materia Medica - Using the Repertory and the Materia Medica

Using the Repertory and the Materia Medica

How is this work structured?

In general the following three subdivisions are possible:

  1. A homeopathic materia medica is the work which summarizes the corresponding symptoms in chapters for each remedy. (remedies => symptoms)

  2. A homeopathic repertory is a collection of symptoms assigning each symptom to remedies. (symptoms => remedies)
    The present file contains an astrological repertory (AR), correspondences of constellations to remedies (CR), an astrological remedy overview (RO), and an astrological description of constellations (DC). These last chapters deal with remaining four links in the preceeding picture:

  1. The astrological repertory (AR) puts the symptoms into an alphabetical order and assigns them to the various constellations. (symptoms => astrological constellations)

  2. The overview of constellations of remedies (CR) shows the fitting remedies for the various planetary constellations appearing in the order of the planets reign of the zodical signs (Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Sun, Chiron, Aphrodite, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptun). (astrological constellations => remedies)

  3. The astrological remedy overview (astrological materia medica - RO) offers in alphabetical order the various homeopathic remedies and the corresponding astrological constellations to the remedies. (remedies => astrological constellations)

  4. The description of constellations (DC) represents a list of astrological planetary constellations with the corresponding symptoms. Since the new edition of Döbereiner´s homeopathy book contained hardly any innovations it appeared necessary to me to write down my own experiences. On the other hand, Döbereiner does not differentiate precisely enough regarding the positive form of living and the negative form of suffering which can accomplished with this work.

Chiron (CH) is assigned as a mobile planetary principle and as ruler to the sign of Virgo and enables to distinguish between the two Mercury principles Gemini and Virgo.

Aphrodite (AO) is meant to be a representation for the ruler of the sign Libra and it is only used to avoid confusion between the Venus of Taurus and the Venus of Libra. Aphrodite actually is the Venus of Libra.

What is true for all chapters: The various assignments – as remedy or as symptom to constellations - are all subject to some insecurity. In cases where this insecurity is higher it is marked with a question mark respectively with a low grade. This legend is to be read like this: If there is no further remark behind a constellation or symptom this means a grade of 3 within a scale of 4 grades. If there is one of the following remarks behind the grades are like this:

! - grade 4

(no remark) - grade 3

? - grade 2

?? - grade 1

The assignment of a grade to an constellation and remedy correspondences has the advantage that it gives the possibility to the therapist to better weigh the case and thus he can better differentiate diagnostically and therapeutically. The highest grade means that this symptom or remedy has been confirmed in many cases and it has often been indicated then. Grade 3 means that it is a secure and confirmed assignment. Grade 2 means that the assignment is not hundred percent secure but that there are hints indicating this assignment. Grade 1 means that the research with this assignment is still in its beginnings and that it is a highly insecure.

Assignment of grades has been in use in homeopathic repertories for a long time and this shall also be set up for this repertory in regard of the computer program PETOSIRIS to enable the most differentiated analysis and synthesis possible.

Because of inscurities in assignments it appears reasonable to publish this work as a collection of single sheets in files. Supplements and corrections can be handled more easily this way. You will find further details about this service with the information enclosed.

How do I work with this work ?

Usually there is a chronic or an acute problem for which an astrological homeopathic solution is to be found. At first it is necessary to find which constellation in the native´s horoscope corresponds to the disease at hand. If it is a chronic problem the radix will be a satisfactory basis to work on. If it is an acute problem which just recently arose or a problem which actually is chronic but arose only at a certain age, it may become necessary to calculate directions, astrological rhythmic releases, transits or other auxiliary horoscopes like solar or septar returns. I do not want to determine which “extention of the horoscope into the time-axis” are to be applied since every astrologer has his personal preferences and his own experiences with different techniques. Nevertheless I recommend the following techniques:

  1. Directions by degree of ascendant, sun, meridian directly and conversely according to the key 1 dgree = 1 year on the ecliptic, respectively for the examination in older ages 1 Naibod degree = 1 year.

  2. Rhythmic releases according to Döbereiner 7 years = 1 Placidus/topocentrical house clockwise/counter-clockwise starting at the ascendant with the time of birth.

  3. Transits to the radix horoscope with the aspects of conjunction, opposition, trine, square, sextile, antiscion and semi-cardinal-antiscion.

  4. The solar return valid for the time in question

  5. The septar return valid for the time in question

  6. The zodiacal point where the transit of the last solar eclipse has taken place as a saturn-like factor of influence.

When dealing with an acute problem the exact time of the disease´s breaking out is to be determined and then an examination with the methods mentioned above has to take place whether the problem can be loacted in the horoscope. By this a first hint is already obtained to decide which constellations and also which remedies are important.

No matter if it is an acute or a chronic problem one always repertorizes in the first step the appropriate symptoms in the astrological repertory. The corresponding constellations to these symptoms are written down.

If there was, for example, a cardiac septum defect you would look up the corresponding term in the corresponding rubric and find the following:

Example extract from the repertory:

Cardiac and metabolistic weakness: MA/SU

Cardiac dysrhythmia: MO/NE, SU/UR, SU/NE, CH/NE, UR/NE

Cardic inflammation: SU/UR ?

Cardiac insufficiency, energetic-dynamic: MO/NE, SU/SA, SU/NE, CH/NE, PL/UR

Cardic septum defect: SA/UR (1)

This is always cross-checked with the radix horoscope in order to check if correspondent constellations can be found in the radix or in the extention of the time-axis and whether the time of disease´s breaking out corresponds to the directions, releases or transits. If corresponding constellations exist this is an additional confirmation that we are on the „right track“.

In the specific case of the cardic septum defect we find the the constellation SA/UR. The number in brackets behind it (1) means that we have a corresponding example case at hand in the data collection labeled with the corresponding case index number in brackets.

The noun of a term is essential for searching: E.g. emotional suffocation: see suffocation, emotional. Furthermore in the case of diseases named after physicians or scientists refer to Morbus and name. Example: Boeck´s disease: see Morbus Boeck.

We want to illustrate the first step with the first case of the data collection:

Here actually exists a square of SA/UR - so we can locate the problem in this zone of the horoscope. Furthermore there is the symptom of lung stenosis and the she finally died of a pulmonary edema.

Example extract from the repertory:

Lung function, neural attenuation of: UR/NE

Lung inflammation: MA/UR, SA/UR

Lung / pulmonary edema: MO/SA ?, MO/UR ?, MO/NE, SA/UR ?

Lung stenosis: SA/UR

Again SA/UR corresponds to lung stenosis, but in reference to the pulmonary edema the constellations of the moon become also important. A glance into the horoscope confirms this, too, since we find the moon in the 12th house with a square and an opposition to Saturn and Uranus being also in conjunction with Mercury. Thus, the exact correspondence of constellations we are looking for in this case is: ME/MO/SA/UR since all of them show a connection to each other.

After the corresponding astrological constellations for the disease in question and all symptoms have been found, the correspondences of constellations to remedies will be looked up in order to receive a selection of remedies appropriate for the problem.

The corresponding constellations are based on the astrological remedy overview (RO) and actually represent its reversed form. The following system was used here: All 12 planetary principles in the order of Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Sun, Chiron, Aphrodite, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune were categorized into main rubrics for each planet with the exception of the last planet Neptune since it had already been covered in all combinations with the preceding constellations of other planets. This is the first level, the main level. It is headlined „Combinations of X“.

In the following level - the second level - the planets following the planet of the main level will be considered, in a combination of two with the main planet. This level is marked by the combination of two in capital letters with an index number in brackets behind it (only in the printed version, not in HTML). When a new constellation of two is mentioned for the first time you will find the corresponding remedies underneath. The security of assignments can be recognized by different types of outline:


Grade 3: First Letter Capitalized And Bold

Grade 2: First Letter Capitalized And Italic

grade 1: minor letters, not bold, not italic

In the remedy overview this corresponds to exclamation mark (!), no extra mark, one question mark (?) and two question marks (??):





Grade 3

Grade 2


grade 1


Behind the remedies for a constellation of two, the column „Pure“ (resp. „Rein“) is to be found: Only those remedies are mentioned here which exclusively correspond to the constellation of two mentioned above.

An extract of the remedy-overview of 02/22/00:


Allium cepa; ammonium muriaticum; Apis; aurum muriaticum; brom; ceanothus americanus; cobaltum; cyclamen; Dickdarm 4; Dioscorea villosa; ferrum muriaticum; helianthus annuus; helonias; Mimulus; Narcissus poeticus; Natrium aceticum; Natrium arsenicosum; natrium benzoicum; natrium bichromicum; natrium bromatum; Natrium carbonicum; Natrium causticum; natrium fluoratum; natrium iodatum; NATRIUM MURIATICUM; natrium nitricum; Natrium phosphoricum; Natrium salicylicum; Natrium sulfuricum; natrium tartaricum; pertussinum; Scarlathinum; Vitamin C;

REIN: BBM miml.; NAT-M.; pert.; VITA vita-c.;

This level will then be specified more precisely in a third lower level (the „+“ in front of the constellations which are to be specified more detailed indicate the third lower plane). Similiar to the structure of a repertory in homeopathy, level by level can be specified and defined more precisely until only one or few remedies remain for a certain combination of constellations.

Example extract from the correspondences of constellations to remedies:

Mercury combinations:



corresponding remedies


+ME/MO/SA: cycl. / helia. / Nat-p.

+ME/MO/SA/UR: helia. / Nat-p.

+ME/MO/SA/NE: cycl.

+ME/MO/UR: helia. / Nat-p.

1. plane: aligned at the right side, bold and not italic

2. plane: aligned at the left side, bold and italic

3. plane: aligned at the left side, with „+“, bold and not italic

I endeavoured to analyze all combinations of constellations up to all combinations of two. This means that corresponding remedies, for example for ME/MO/SA/UR, are to be found in the main rubrics ME/SA, ME/UR, MO/SA, MO/UR and SA/UR, and they can also be found in the sub rubrics marked with a plus sign.

This involves many double entries but the advantage of this is that even if a constellation is not or only incorrectly recognized the right remedy possibly still can be found and an early selection limiting the sight can be avoided.

The remedies in the third level are given with their abbreviations in the way they are used in the homeopathic repertory Synthesis. For Bach flower remedies and other remedies, new abbreviations were invented corresponding largely to the use and logic of homeopathic abbreviations. In case of unclear abbreviations one can look up those in the alphabetically ordered overview of abbreviations of the astrological remedy overview which can be found before the astrological remedy overview.

If we look up the constellation under the corresponding main rubric of ME/SA we will indeed find the remedy Natrium phosphoricum indicated under ME/MO/SA/UR. If several remedies are given in this rubric possibly all of them can be taken into consideration as similimum and then it is necessary to differentiate these various possibilities even more. In case that only one remedy was found in the rubric, it is still reasonable to re-assure if the constellation of the remedy in question is completely covering the constellation one looks for.

After a selection of remedies has been found or after one remedy of choice has been selected it is reasonable to look up the entire combination of constellations in the astrological remedy overview and to assure if these constellations really exist in the horoscope.

In case we had only found, for example, the constellation MO/SA/UR as constellation structure (and not ME/MO/SA/UR which actually is essential for the problem at hand) and we then had looked up the already known corresponding remedy assignments in the correspondences of constellations to remedies, it would turn out that not only one but numerous remedies were possible.

Example extract from the correspondences of constellations to remedies:

Moon combinations:



corresponding remedies


+ MO/SA/UR: Fl-ac. / es aktin. / asaf. / bapt. / AKUP bl65. / Calc-caust. / Calc-f. / calc-i. / calc-ox. / caps. / Carb-an. / > BBM cent-u. / Chin. / dros. / Ferr-p. / phyt frt-cit. / phyt frt-gard / AKUP gb34. / helia. / iris. / Kali-p. / AKUP ma36. / Mag-c. / mag-i. / Mag-m. / Mag-p. / mag-s. / Mygal. / Nat-p. / niob-met. / PHYT pcp-aura / Rob. / sang.

These numerous remedies at hand it becomes necessary to re-check each one in the astrological remedy overview according on the complete combination of constellations in order to consider the remedies as choice for therapy. Only when a remedy covers all and only those constellations connected with the problem diagnosed it may establish as „favourite“ for prescription. To realize this quicker in the CR such a case is marked with „>“ in front of a remedy name: The remedy given is exclusively described by the constellations of the third level (the constellation with „+“). In the example mentioned above with MO/SA/UR, this would be the case for the Bach flower remedy Centaury („>“ is not included in the HTML version).

If no remedy can be found covering all or only the diagnosed constellations you may refer to related remedies covering not all the needed constellations.

In the astrological remedy overview all these remedies will be tested on their exact correspondence to the constellation:

Example extracts from the astrological remedy overview:

Acidum phosphoricum: MA/UR and MO/SA and MO/UR

Calcium fluoricum: VE/MO/SA/UR

Carbo animalis: VE/MO/SA/UR/NE

Centaury: MO/SA/UR

China: MA/MO/SA/UR

Cyclamen: MO/MO/SA/NE ??

Ferrum phosphoricum: MA/SA/UR and MO/SA/UR

Helianthus annuus: MA/ME/MO/SO/SA/UR ??

Mygale lasiodora: MO/SA/UR and PL/UR ?

Natrium phosphoricum: MA/ME/MO/SA/UR or MA/MO/AO/SA/UR

If only MO/SA/UR was at hand the most probable solution would be the Bach flower remedy Centaury. But we actually have ME/MO/SA/UR at hand so that the remedy of choice is indeed Natrium phosphoricum. In fact, we find the indication of MA/ME/MO/SA/UR for Natrium phosphoricum but when re-checking the horoscope we see that the person is double Aries by ascendant and moon being in Aries. Of course, we could imagine this case without an emphasis on Aries. In such a case the most matching remedy has to be chosen which meets best the desired and seeked constellations, i.e. which covers most of the constellations. Congruency is defined by exclusiveness and matching precision. Exclusiveness means that a remedy only consists of the desired constellations and no further ones (which would be possible). Matching precision means that a remedy should consist of all demanded constellations as far as possible.

To illustrate this the example mentioned above will be used: If the constellation ME/MO/SA/UR would be in question Centaury (MO/SA/UR) would show a hundred percent exclusiveness since it does not contain any further constellations than MO/SA/UR. It would though not be hundred percent exact in matching precision since the mercury constellations are not included. Natrium phosphoricum (MA/ME/MO/SA/UR), on the other hand, would not be hundred percent in exclusiveness because it additionally includes mars constellations which were not necessary, nevertheless, the matching precision would be hundred percent because it includes all demanded constellations. The ideal case: Exclusiveness as well as matching precision are hundred percent whereby matching precision is of greater importance.

In our example Natrium phosphoricum would be the remedy of choice.

The remedy or the remedies remaining on the more and more focused list up to the end have to be checked again according to a homeopathic materia medica on modalities, etiology and on the kind of the corresponding symptoms which have been found before in a conventional homeopathic anamnesis with the patient. Furthermore, the essence of each remedy should be considered provided that it is known. Literature about the essences of homoepathic remedies can be found in the literature index among the astromedical notes. Then and only then one may think of prescribing this remedy.

Beware of blind prescriptions by pure astrological analysis of the horoscope without homeopathic anamnesis. This for the following reasons:

Merely regarding the progress and developments in astrology since the beginning of the 20th century, namely the techniques used and new methods it becomes clear that the contemporary working methods in astrology might be outdated tomorrow and substituted by new, better and more precise recognitions. Using chiron as the ruler of virgo is such an example: According to my experience you receive much more precise and matching results by using it. Someone using mercury as ruler of virgo in astrological medical diagnosis inevitably has to receive different and according to my opinion less precise results. In contrast to Tarot or I Ging astrology is not a finished system, at least until today there is no horizon or limit visible. Therefore, every astrological medical diagnosis remains incomplete and can never claim to be complete.

On the other hand, the assignment of symptoms and remedies to astrological constellations might be incorrect. Such mistakes may lead to wrong prescriptions in a blind astrological prescription. The unknown factors in the astrological method are too numerous as to rely on such a blind diagnosis.

Only then, when neither one art of both arts, astrology and homeopathy, is neglected in comparision to the other one, a synthesis will be possible as well as largely extended possibilities of recognition, diagnosis and therapy.

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