Heart meditation (10th Feb 2002)

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A simple but very effective meditation with the heart

To practice the central aspects of loving and letting go, the pillars of every spiritual development one can practice a very simple but also very effective form of heart meditation. The meditation goes like this:

  1. First of all you take in your usual meditation position. It might be recommendable to sit in a yoga-like manner on a meditation pillow to increase the mental concentration by the physical uprighteousness. The meditation is not bound to a certain position and can be practiced in any position.

  2. The meditation is aligned to the breathing in and breathing out. You start to breathe in. You breathe in to your heart center which means that you imagine that the breath is going to the heart. The heart center is at the place where one would locate the heart chakra - that is in the middle of the breast between both nipples and a little bit more to the left. When you breathe in and you imagine that the breath is going to your heart you can additionally imagine that white light and a feeling of love is going to appear in the heart. For beginners it is completely sufficient just to imagine the breath.

  3. After you have breathed in, breathing out follows. When you breathe out you breathe out from the heart to the hara or Dan Tien. This is the 2nd chakra - navel chakra or sacral chakra - which lies in the width of 3 fingers beyond the belly-button in the middle of the body. When you breathe out you imagine that the breath is flowing down to the hara and you a have a feeling of letting go.

  4. The phase of breathing in repeats itself. You breathe in from the hara to the heart and you imagine that the breath flows from the hara to the heart center. Again if you like you can imagine that white light and feeling of love appears in the heart by that.

  5. In the following phase of breathing out you breathe out from the heart to the hara and you have the inner feeling of letting go.

  6. Phase of breathing in as described under 4. is repeated...

  7. Phase of breathing out as describend under 3. is repeated...

  8. and so on...

The effect and the explanation of this meditation of the heart

This kind of meditation awakens especially the own ability to love and the ability to let things go. These principles are described in detail (though actually without a guide for meditation) in the German book Lola of Rene Egli. Astrologically seen this form of meditation strengthens the 2nd and the 4th quarter of the horoscope, or if we put this into clear text: It strengthens the ability to love, to love on all kind of different levels - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually - to merge with each other (2nd quarter) and at the same time to let things go (4th quarter) - to give freedom to the object of love, to let go the object of love, not to take it into possession - only to love without possessing. The axis of the 2nd to the 4th quarter of the horoscope is known as the astrological healing axis or the spiritual axis in contrast to the axis of the 1st and 3th quarter - the axis of possession and control. This spiritual axis leads into healing and to the solution and purification of egoistic behaviours and at the same time it connects to the higher source of all being - to the godly and all-comprehending principle.
The centers of the heart and of the navel chakra (the center of consciousness about reality and of perception) can especially be used for the development of the own ability to love and the ability to let things go. Especially letting go is a crucial point in every spiritual development if you like to return to your real origin.
After a certain time of practice - and especially at times when your practice is expanded in time - the following phenomenon can be noticed: There can be the impression that a kind of energy flow is pouring through the vertex into the (opened) heart and that this energy flow can be directed from the heart into any part of the body like e.g. the palms of the hands by imagination. This has a certain similiarity with Reiki healing and can be used for healing sessions. The most famous psychic healers are known as people who have a strong ability to love and who have a big heart.

Image of the heart chakra according to Charles Leadbeater, here as an animated GIF circling in clockwise direction.

Die Bedeutung von Meditation in unserer heutigen Zeit

Our time is strongly coined by a battle between light and dark forces. Especially in these times everybody can participate in the process of bringing more light into the world by a personal regular and daily meditation practice. Thoughts, feelings and imaginations are indeed real forces which influence the events of the world so that everybody is able to participate and give his or her part for the whole. This insight lead to the idea of creating maps of meditation. More....

Adresses and information of meditating people - entry into the database

Adresses and information of meditating people

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