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Vladimir Megre Vol 8-1: The New Civilization

20,00 €
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Surprising things are reported from Megre´s son Wolodja, not only that he seems to be profound expert on herbs but he has also a certain wish: A little sister... (and indeed he does something for it...) Amusing, humourous and touching at the same time as Anastasia makes herself so beautiful for her lover so that he is so delighted that he faints. As he awakes he can enjoy the Goddess in a common play of creation but he has no words to describe it..... The story of the billionaire might be a deeply heart-touching vision which could become one for the American nation and ignite and carry the idea of the family farms. But we find also practical and useful hints for nutrition or concrete suggestions for the law-making. An in-depth political description of the current situation is also included.

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