The Homťopathic Proving of

Knopper Oak Galls


The morbid growth produced on the cupules of Quercus pendunculata by the larvae of the wasp Cynips calicis

The proving was conducted in Moravia in July 1998 at a seminar given by Misha Norland.


Oak Gall


Materia Medica

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Day Six

Day One


I felt insecure, yet I had a good mood.

Looking in the mirror I felt my gaze fixed on my breasts and my stomach - thought I was pregnant.

Empty of thoughts.

Summer feeling - everything is great.


Absurd feeling.

Giggling ~ absurdity.


Felt that I was one of a large string of beads, suspended in space.

Stream of light - with a black streak in it.

Saw a corridor with a black floor and white walls and I'm running along it - becomes a staircase - each stone is perfectly fitted together with no spaces between them - becomes a hill with a river flowing next to it, boats are on it.

Black painted fence.

Colours ~ changing.

Images of coloured light moving on water.

Image of porcelain soldiers.


Heat radiating out from body.

Coldness on the surface of my entire body.

Pulling sensation in my head.

As if could not breathe.

Pulsations in whole body.

Coldness of finger tips and hands.

Coldness of back.

Pressure on chest.

I felt as if a wet mist hung over everything, surrounding nothing; sensation of emptiness in my chest.

Sensation of a cold draft on the left side of my back.

Sensation as of a band around my head.

Warm sensations in left side of my body and in my right hand.

Fire in trachea.

Feeling of emptiness, as if I was at a funeral.

Stiffness on right side of head, on the surface.

Felt that I could fly away - As if I was a balloon filled with air.

Sensation of levitation - felt as if would fly away.

My chest felt enlarged as if air was blowing into me through my sleeves; I felt blown up, as if I would be lifted up.

Sticky sensation in my throat.

Sensation of egg white on face.

I felt as if we were all under a thick blanket.


Stitching pain left of head.

Hearing & Ears

Itching ears.

Stuck feeling in ears.

Pressure and warmth in right ear.

Taste and Tongue

Burning tip of tongue.


Scratching in throat.

Constriction in trachea leading to coughing.

Right sided sore throat - burning.

Scrobiculum & Stomach

Burning in stomach.

Inner Chest & Lungs

Pressure in chest. - reported by 4 separate provers.

Heart, Pulse & Circulation

Heaviness in heart with pulsations.

Sticking pain near heart.

Neck & Back

Pain in back

Temperature & Weather

Hot hands and cold draft over feet.

Day Two



Feeling relaxed and well.

Feeling grounded in certainty, stability.

Felt that I needed my own space - that I would set up my own tent.


Image of a vacuum cleaner, sucking everything in. A one-way stream - right to left.

Vision of a cobweb.


Feeling of not having a right side - no sensations.

Sensation of inner heat with coldness on skin.

Light-headed - almost vertigo.

Feeling of shapelessness.

Tickling in spots: top of cheeks and in ankles.

Energy stream from right to left.


Many dreams unremembered.

Image of naked man, from chest up he is not visible - he is dried out by the sun; he has a dried out penis.

Dreams of flowers.

Purple colours and a sadness as of dying.

Vision of a flower garden. There is a cup with a burning candle in the centre of the garden. It is an offering for dolphins because we have damaged them. Then cobras came. Naturally I'm afraid of them. Then a cobra stood in front of me but now I had no fear. Then there came a flood, and I lost the sky and earth in the water.

Dream of being naked (used to dream of this as a child with great embarrassment) now I'm not embarrassed at all.

Blankets churning in a washing machine.

Bed sheets are circling in a drying machine. We are attempting to load in more. A draft is blowing the sheets, so we cannot not get them in. We stop the machine. I remove a duvet filled with feathers. I say therefore there is no space in the machine. Suddenly the whole room is filled with feathers. Not enough room.

The theme is of something blowing upwards - there is not enough space.

Dark curtains in my room as in a crematorium. Sadness. Death. The curtains are a separation.

Dreams of a circular, spiral or cobweb like labyrinth - and of fast movements.

I'm in a large hospital. I meet the former director whom I like. Good feeling. We were to perform a chest operation, lung.

A homeless person comes to me looking for work in exchange for accommodation. From his third eye centre (there is a hole) a white worm crawls out. I wanted to catch it but it tried to go back in and hide. The worm had a knot on it, therefore it came in and out. The man was 50-60, he had a red complexion and he talked in the manner of an alcoholic.

I'm going through a narrow corridor. I slipped and awoke.

A doctor is making a photo of the circulation of blood in a penis (Platismograph). He is in an attic consulting room - something is coming off the wall, I push it back.

I am doing backward flips in a gym - I know exactly what to do - I must jump higher until I reach the tree branches.

A circus encampment. I was making long steps like gliding. I'm drumming. I'm watched - it's funny. There is another walking behind me, trying to catch me in an elastic rope. Teasing/taunting.

Unremembered dreams.

Dream - I am putting things into rough linen sacks - the objects all have to be of one kind and the sacs always have to be full. Into one sack I put dreams. Into the last sack I put sleep. I have to fall asleep to fill the last sack.

Yellow sand dessert - a few flowers. Bushes with branches covered in yellow pollen. Poor houses. We're told not to walk between the houses because of the danger of animal attack. We walk on a yellow sand track. Fear of snakes. A corpulent woman comes wearing a scarf, she has naked breasts.

Grandmother's house - lightning. Slates are falling from the neighbour's house.

I meet a patient, Mrs Gregory, (this could mean weeping) she is confused, talking to herself. I take her home.

I'm at home - I'm walking - a balloon is swaying above me, then the air comes out. I tell myself that its soul has gone away. I thought a friend had died and it was true. I watched her being prepared for her funeral.

Hearing & Ears

Pressure in ears.


Sharp pain in throat - urging to cough.


Urge to cough in lungs and throat.


Good sleep - better than usual.

Temperature & Weather

Warmth in hands and pulsation (holding hands).


All night I had wandering pains of small joints.

Day Three


Perception of minutest details.

Empty head - clear mind but hollow.

I feel no homesickness for home & children which is unusual.

Homesickness for the first time in my life.

After eating a wave of sadness arises.

I'm not able to process any information.

Cannot connect with others - but want to.

Head blank.

I feel empty, old and tired.



Vision - plum blue colours.


All day hyper-acute senses.

Sensation of emptiness.

Sensation of internal warmth with a feeling of pleasant tranquillity.

Sensation of not having hands - as if amputated.


I'm on a railway station at my place of birth. There are cross roads and a curving main road from the side - here there are many long haired folk on bikes. I'm also on a bike with many bags. I have my hair in waves and bows. There are three girls on bikes with long hair and banners across their chests, saying Miss, I think the hotel will be full and I'll have to sleep at my sisters. I think "NO" I shall not sleep there.

We are on a trip I stop by water. I see a naked man swimming.

I had lost my son, I was looking for him and calling him.

In a vast hotel with damp walls. I'm with a group of youngsters. They want to abuse me. They become nasty. I have to pay them - drugs, nasty, dangerous - how will I get out of it? I feel abused.

Event - I came here two days before seminar. He is a singer at underground festival. Many young people, alternative, long hair. Red lights. Looked like hell. I could not stand the music loudness, so I ran out. A crazy poet strips off showing his genitals.

Repeated dream last two nights. I'm amongst teenagers, hanging around the city. A pick-up gets into an accident. Before police come, one youth steals an important document. Police try to catch us. It takes years. After much time all are taken prisoner, but not I. I must choose whether to be caught or live in a fortified city. Beyond the city there is no-one and nothing - my choice is: I'll be alone, or I'll be imprisoned.

Can only remember small points of my dreams. (Normally I remember all my dreams).


Heavy hollow head.

Neck & Back

Pain in the back in lumbar region.

Appetite, Thirst & Desires

Hunger increased.

Upper Limbs

Pains in small bones of left hand.

Wrist pains - difficulty driving.


Internal restlessness with tachicardia.

Day Four


I want to force people to smile.

Desire to laugh.

Wake up with feeling "don't put your nose into this".

I get a bad feeling from seeing serious faces.

Joking - black humour.

Perverted, nonsensical, elementary school jokes and "cramped" laughter.

I feel critical and ironic.

Sexual talk - crudeness.

Lack of homesickness which is uncharacteristic.

Felt I want to go home, I'm not connecting with anyone.

Disturbances of time - feeling of slowness.

Things go too slowly.

Others are hiding things from me.


Sensation of flu, of muscle fever - very cold.

Feeling of being sucked up from centre of experiencing my feelings up into my head. Numbness of heart feelings & feelings in general. I want to be grounded, not to be sucked out of myself.

Restlessness of others.

Sensation of fly on wrist - I try to rub it off.

Afternoon feeling - a heavy curtain hangs between me and others. (Cobweb sensation yesterday.)


Many pictures arising - theme: I'm very small and without sense of self-preservation. i.e. jumping from heights.

I went to a big store. It was past 5 but some departments were still open. I went to buy earring as presents. There was no attendant. Earrings were bright, lovely and cheap. "Is this a mistake" I think. I check the packages, but only bar-codes are there. I think, "it might be a sale, I'll try them all". Then I think, "it may be a cheat, but I don't care".

Dream of murder. We had adopted a gypsy girl with olive coloured skin - an adolescent from a strange background. We live in a peaceful district. While we were out a man came to visit her - he abused her, got money from her. (The abused girl killed the man). She told us nothing. One day, when we came home, a mutilated, bloody body was being taken from our home. The body had olive skin, like the girl.

A young patient is waiting for me. Then a young girl with naked breasts dressed in a hairy ram fur coat, her right breast is showing - large aureole. She is 6/7 months pregnant. She has long unkempt hair.

A man in a restaurant - he likes the food, but not the false spiritual atmosphere.

I was in a small stable for goats or donkeys, the space was very narrow, walls disordered, made of stone, damp, dirty. There was standing a goat or a donkey - it was dirty on the back - I had to wipe him with a handkerchief, but I didn't mind at all, it was quite pleasant.

I'm at a construction site; there's an old pile of rubble which can be climbed. On top is a church. At the foot of the pile are two small sheds. An old friend returns, showing me two fur coats which are stored in the sheds - one is weazle, another is an embroidered ram. A few old people also look over the coats.


Blocked sensation in right side of head - cannot move it.

Teeth & Gums

Toothache with need to bite.

Appetite, Thirst & Desires

Hunger in morning (unusual).

Changed symptom no hunger in morning.

Scrobiculum & Stomach

Anticipation feeling in stomach.

Rectum & Stool


Urinary Organs

Urination with laughing.


Electric shock cramps in extremities.

Upper Limbs

Pain in arms.

Cured symptom: For 2 years - numbness of fingers upon waking, now cured.

Pain in small bones of left hand.

Pain in wrists ended today.

Feeling of pain rising up over clavicles into hands.

Lower Limbs

Cured symptom pain in knees.

Pain cramping in the left calf, then tension in my left calf.

Pain in lower limbs - I fear I will not be able to walk.

Eruption of herpetic vescicles on legs.


Sleeping 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.

Waking at 4 a.m.

Cured symptom 3-4 a.m. waking.

Tired, sleepy, heavy eyelids.

Temperature & Weather

Normally hot, now cold.

Coldness alternating with flushes of heat.

Coldness within bones.

I need four sweaters to keep warm.


Pain on right side (like muscle fever).

Restlessness with urge to walk - amelioration at night.

Day Five


One member of the group was ostracized, being called a parasite. She did not dare even to use a pen for fear of being further ostracized.

Felt that what I said was not reaching others. They were not responding.

Felt too much surrounded by women.

Simple joy from being alive.

Easily angered - shooting forward - taking risks.


Sleeplessness with rage - could have pulled hair from his beard.

Feeling calm, euphoric, cheerful.

Obsessed with taking pictures.

Bursting with anger, explosive, to hit out.


After four days of cheerfulness, deep in me anger was growing - I had a feeling that when the wave of it rises I will openly show it to others.


Fastidiousness - wanting to put women's collars and hair into proper "order".

Personal wounds opened up (things I am dealing with).

Confusion of mind.

Dullness, worse concentration.

Feeling disturbed - something extra - I'm a different person.

Forgetting proper names.

Using wrong words.

I drive with great risk, overtaking a full line of cars. Cold, calculated risk.

Explosive anger.

Time - dragging or rushing.


Sensations of relaxation, pleasant, calm, cheerful.

Felt that the curtain which had surrounded me, entered me.

Feel heavy, behind a curtain.

Feeling unbalanced.

Sensation as if brain was shrinking and separation from skull.

A force from inside my head is pushing it to the right, then forward, then back. (Never to the left).

Awoke with feeling of a blow to the back of my neck.

Felt I was standing at the edge of an abyss.


Dreams about means of transport - someone came by plane, right to the seminar.

Figure 46 and name Zina. We are in a sunny garden. I am a child. There is a garden shed. Parents, sister and colleague are sitting in the edge of their chairs. There is a ditch. A fat snake, 2.5 meters. I scare him off into his underground hole. Next to my sister there is a second snake. It pulls back. My sister strokes the snakes head saying "You are beautiful". It licks her neck.

Apart from our world, in which we live, there existed another world. It seemed to me as if it were underground. Dark colours. Cold and strict. I was not afraid. They claimed that we belonged to this cold underworld and that we should return there voluntarily. I did not want to go because I did not belong. I felt relaxed because I do know where I do belong.

I am a doctor working in a small consulting room. A man & his girlfriend come in. He has stomach problems, but talks about other things. I am dressed only in my underwear. Breasts naked. During consultation my sex is showing. Then I realize that I still have my overcoat. Then they stand before me naked. I perceive them as naked bodies, one male, one female, heads are foggy. The bodies have no sexual signs. She has a pink/blue tattoo.

Dream about a deep valley, in it there are black skulls, which later turn out to be stones.

Dreams of moving and repeated changes.

Poster of a singer, from a time when she was slimmer. She has most revealing underwear - almost nothing.

I'm pregnant, my belly is big. I have a feeling of satisfaction. My brother in law holds me around the shoulders. Then my husband does. It is explained that he is the real father. They want to carry out tests, and we hide amongst small hills. No fear, only fun. Finally we crawl out and carry out the test.

Nightmare: In car with unknown driver and a friend (ex-Marine). The driver continuously increase the speed of the car, I say to my friend "we must stop him or we will all be killed".

Dream of taking photos at an animal show. I am stroking the fur of a large dog. Feeling, you cannot stop the show to "take" a memory of it.

A man is brick-laying a wall, he says, "now, no-one will get in". But the wall is not effective.

A man tries to persuade me to rob a ground floor library. I don't mind, but why a library? We have a wheelbarrow which we have to use in a narrow corridor.

Of tourists in a strange city. I lead them to a place I know. There is a deformed glass door.

My car degenerates, its wheel changes, like a faded flower, and cannot be replaced, likewise the tyres.

With many people. I find a purse with tickets for food in it.

Dreams unremembered.

Dreams: I am flying paper birds over a big tree, two of us throwing to each other. We are on the side of a street. There is a ditch. Cars pass at huge speed. We enjoy ourselves. We are at a hairdresser. I know that they want our custom. I decide on a trick since I don't want a haircut: I'll ask for a shampoo which they do not have. I walk along a corridor which is cramped and unfinished inside. Three women are sitting there with foam on their head. I don't like it and leave. As I do so I touch some foam and wipe it off.

We go to a pub. Houses are small. We enter through a narrow corridor. It's unfinshed. There is building work in the corridor, we have to squeeze past.


Vertigo - cannot regain my proper position.


Pressure in the head.

Hearing & Ears

Diminished hearing.

Stitching deep in right ear.

Smell & Nose

Increased sensitivity to smell and all senses in general.

Sensitive to smells of flowers, to lilies.


Burning in throat, constantly.

Appetite, Thirst & Desires

Hunger greatly increased.

Desire for beer.

Desire for beer and cigarettes.

Desire for cold beer.

Male Sexual Organs

Extreme sensitivity of glans of penis.


Cannot breathe - sensation of airlessness.

Inner Chest & Lungs

Warmth in chest.

Heaviness of chest.

Pressure in chest (worse on 2nd day) in evening, lying in bed.

Chest oppression.

Heaviness of chest.

Each inspiration is as if under a heavy load.

Heart, Pulse & Circulation

Constriction of my heart.

Pressure pain, left of heart area, at the top, on inspiration.

Outer Chest

Chest perspiration.

Stitching pain in right breast (return of old symptom).

Neck & Back

Stiffness on right side of neck.

Stiffness of thoracic spine.

Upper Limbs

Weakness & shivering from elbows to fingers.

Lower Limbs

Terrible stiffness in right leg.

Painful night cramps in calves (2 nights).

Stiffness of leg - could not walk.


Sleepy at lunch time.

Tiredness at 3.30 p.m.

Waking at 4.30 a.m.


Worse 11 - 5 p.m.

Temperature & Weather

Cold showers and cold drinks and cold beer all ameliorate. (Unusual)

Pleasant warmth in middle lower chest and whole body.

No longer chilly.


New symptom Perspiration under breast and chest.




Stitching pains or dull pains.

Pain in ears, eyes, kidneys.


Empty headed tiredness.

Day Six


Could not stand people around me.

Give me a break - horrible state.

Felt that I did not have the right to be with others. I feel that I'm sucking them out. Throwing my dirt at them.

"We want to take, and not to give".

I was asked to leave the communual tent, I feel deeply hurt.

Making mistakes in writing, writing y instead of i; leaving out e.

They perceive me as a user of people - do things to get what I need at their expense. I'm a parasite.

Felt that I hated all people and also myself.


Anger - I feel that we are all under the "blanket" of this proving state.

Hearing & Ears

Could not hear what my friend was saying.

Appetite, Thirst & Desires

Ameliorated - beer.

Ameliorated - cold drinks.

Female Sexual Organs

Bleeding between menses.

Tearing pains in uterus.

Dark blood, little and often.

Temperature & Weather

Ameliorated - cold showers.


Anticipation, anxiety, chill, shivery, diarrhoea.


Oak Gall