Books about Aura photography and Aura video
C. E. Lindgren, Litt, Jennifer Baltz: Aura Awareness - what your aura says about you, ISBN 0-9652490-5-0, $12.95 
Auras have been around as long as creation. They are not the invention of New Age psychics and healers, and you don´t need to be especially gifted in order to perceive them. As the authors of Aura Awareness point out in this excellent book, the aura is a field of energy which flows through and around any living oganism, from the smallest single-celled protozoan, to more complex plants and animals, including humans. Instead of being "solid" bodies, as we sometimes believe, we are mostly empty spce with patterns of energy running through it. 
While providing clear evidence that human auras have been recognized throughout the centuries, religious art from all cultures has given us the false idea that only the saints and prophets had them, for the halos only appeared around certain holy figures. Actually, what the artists probably meant to convey was that the holy beings had brighter, or more easily-perceived auras. If we were able to reproduce our physical world more accurately, photographs and works of art would portray fields of energy around all natural life, but these auras would be highly variable in color and intensity. 
One reason that the subject of aura emanations has seemed so esoteric until recently is that the frequency  of vibrations which make up the aura are largely invisible to our physical sight, and until this century, the instrumentation has not been available to record, or "prove" their existence. The authors of Aura Awareness provide a valuable service by reporting the history of aura imaging, from the inventions of Nicola Tesla to Kirlian photography, and most recently to the technology of the Aura Imaging Camera, invented by Guy Coggins in 1980. With this new device, which works on a biofeedback principle, it is possible to see a physical representation of auric energy, and by taking successiv pictures, one can see how the aura changes over time. It then becomes possible to detect the effects of healing work, for instance, by measuring the change in the auric field. This opens up new realms of possibility for exploring more accurately all types of therapy which rely on subtle energy exchange. 
This wonderful book not only describes the aura anatomy clearly, but encourages the reader to conduct simple exercises and games which will increase their awareness of these energies. The authors emphasize their belief that everyone can, and probably does, sense these energy fields in a variety of ways. Chapters in the meanings of different colors in the aura were fascinating, clearly written, and useful to anyone who is wokring with healing energiy. Also included is information on the effects of color in clothing, the relationsship of the auric field, and much more. For those who wish to learn more about vibrational awareness, the book concludes with a complete resource and reference section. 
After reading Aura Awareness, we feel inspired about our abilities to sense, explore and utilize more of the personal energies which surround us, and highly recommend it to others who would like to find out more about this path to growth. In the words of Guy Coggins, "When we realize that everything originates from within, we´ll see that all the love, peace, and happiness in the universe is inside, waiting to be expressed ... When you learn about your aura, you can begin to see and appreciate the profound and unique splendor of your own energy." 
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