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New June 2002: Aurasnapshot function within Winaura has complete photo quality!

New April/May 2002:

Full Body Aura Display with Winaura now possible!

A Quadruple Handplate for Aura Video applications is now available. This handplate enables you to have accurate measurements for different hand sizes. More...

In the first time in the history of auraphotography there is now a seven chakra display in Winaura V. 5.0 which has photo quality! Furthermore Winaura V. 5.0 is generating German and English interpretation texts to the colors displayed which are most interesting to therapists and healer because they interpret the colors in terms of psychology for therapeutic use and also recommends Aura Soma bottles Bach Flower Remedies and Homeopathy! English texts are available now!
Often one can find astonishing symmetries between the aura colors of a client and his Aura Soma color choice. To successfully use the aura camera or the aura video for this special interpretation texts have been developed to enable a connection of both techniques. More...

Coming soon:

Aura History
Aura Video