Dear Aura-Enthusiast !
An Aura Camera measures the biofeedback parameter of a person. Therefore the hands are put on handplates (measure unit). After one minute you receive a coloured, radiant polaroid of the aura. The colours of the aura reflect the physical, emotional and mental state of a person. You can also make interactive presentations with the new hard- and software.
For using an Aura Camera you need warranty modules and films. A 200 warranty module costs you 400.00 US$ plus tax or a 500 warranty module costs you 1000.00 US$ plus tax.
The whole delivery package of an Aura Camera contains:

1. The Camera with built-in Hard- and software

2. The computer program Aura Analyzer and Expanded Printout which analyzes an aura photo

3. Handsensora (Biofeedback measure units) and one expanded printout connection cable.

4. A 500 warranty module which counts the photos

5. Power supply

6. Carry-bag

7. Introduction video and manual for the camera

8. Marketing material

9. the complete customer service for technique and marketing

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