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Diskussionsforum zum Buch Anastasia von Wladimir Megre


Gepostet von: Larisa Malgosheva-Bartone
Datum: 21 Februar 2003


Book VI of the series


V. Megre


Translated from Russian:

Larisa Malgosheva-Bartone

Anastasia proceeded with her story saying, “A great discovery took place just by the end of the Vedic or Vedantic period of Earthly history. The discovery hadn’t had analogues throughout the whole history of human civilizations on the planet Earth.
It is quite obvious, that Earthly people had felt the power of the Collective Thought by that time.

It should be clarified right to the point, though, of what Man’s thought
precisely is. A Man’s thought is a kind of energy, which is second to none in
Space, in the whole Universe. It is very powerful and able to create wonderful
Worlds as well as destructive weapons capable of destroying the whole planet.
Likewise the whole, without any exception, visible at present time matter has been created by a THOUGHT.

Mother Nature, the Animal Kingdom and Man himself have been created by a DIVINE THOUGHT in a state of exultant inspiration.

The whole manifold of artificial objects: machines and mechanisms, all of that you can see today, have been created by a HUMAN THOUGHT. It may occur to anybody that human hands produce all of that. That’s right. Today we have to use our hands. However, at the beginning Man’s thought created every bit of it.

Now-a-day’s people are of the opinion that their thought is more perfect than it used to be long, long ago. It’s a delusion though. It’s far from being true.

In terms of speed and informatory completeness the thought of each Man of the Vedic civilization used to tremendously exceed that of modern Man’s, a million times as much. Can you believe it? It can be proved by facts. For example, now we have received a lot of knowledgeable information of healing
herbs and all kinds of plant usage in our life for healing purposes, food and even to influence our moods from those times. For Nature’s mechanism is far more perfect and complicated than those of artificial things are now. Man has called not only multitudes of animals for his assistance, not only has he defined the predestination of all the plants of the Vegetable Kingdom but much, much more. As soon as Man had perceived the greatness of a COLLECTIVE THOUGHT power he realized that he could rule even the weather, changing and moderating it according to his will, or make a book well out of the entrails. However, if only anyone handles his thought carelessly, it may of striking a bird in flight. On one hand it also may influence the life of a far away star, making it happen that beautiful gardens will grow there, or on the other hand it can destroy these stars. This isn’t fiction, to your records, and all of that have been given to humans.

At present everyone knows that, by having chosen the technocratic way of development, Man had aspired to create a rocket to take him to the stars.
Well, they have accomplished their flight to the Moon, and what of it?
They have wasted a lot of efforts and resources, to add to it, it has also caused lots of damage to the Earth. However nothing has been changed on the Moon. Such kind of trying is hopelessly doomed and dangerous for all people living on the planet Earth, likewise for other planets. There is another way, though, which is more perfect by the way. Just with a thought alone a flower could be
grown on the Moon, likewise created an atmosphere appropriate for humans.
Accordingly it’s also possible to plant there a beautiful garden, visiting in it with your beloved, appearing there just in flesh. Yet before doing it, a Human
Thought ought to turn the whole Earth into a divine blooming, paradisiacal
Garden. It has to be done by a COLLECTIVE THOUGHT, though.

A Collective Thought is very powerful. It is unparalleled. It is unique.
Nothing can resist both its might and deeds. Actually the whole matter, likewise the present-day technique is nothing else but a Collective Thought
Reflection. Virtually, all artificial mechanisms and modern weapons have been
produced by it.

Will you, please, bring to your memory, Vladimir, as I’ve already
mentioned it before, in those Vedic times the energy of each living Man’s Thought was immeasurably stronger with respect to the present-day one. Any huge objects, multi-ton stones or whatever could be moved easily by the joined efforts of only nine persons. To make the Collective Thought work easier without much ado and wasting time on gatherings at a certain place, people just had invented the Images, different divinities to help them. That was the way a god of the Sun came into being, likewise the ones of Fire, Rain, Love and Fertility.
Everything the living people required for their life used to be created
through images, which represented the Human Thought, being concentrated. It
would accomplish useful things in great abundance. For instance, when rain was needed for watering they would direct their thoughts toward the god of Rain, a kind of idol. If rain was really in great need then numerous people had to direct their thought energy instilling it into the Rain image. In case their energy turned to become sufficient, clouds would come together and it rained, watering the crops.

Virtually, Man has been given unlimited opportunities by Divine Nature. If only humanity could overcome the pernicious temptation of arrogance and unlimited urge for power, keeping all Universal Energies’ particles in a perfect balance within themselves, then the Human Thought would have worked perfectly, creating beautiful gardens even in other Galaxies. Hence Man would be able to bring happiness to other worlds by himself with the help of the Divine Power which had been given to him primordially. The Imaging period, as they call it, was prospering. During that period Man was creating passionately, feeling himself equal to God Himself. What else could a Son of God feel and be? At that very period, the Imaging one, Man really was in God’s likeness and he was creating images. That period lasted for nine thousand years. God didn’t interfere into Man’s deeds. The great variety of the Universal Energies, actually, got excited trying their best to lead Man into temptation. As you already know, there are particles of all Universal Energies within Man. There are a great variety of them, and at the same time they are opposite. Nevertheless, all those particles should stay in perfect balance within Man, composing a single and harmonious whole. If just one of them happens to prevail, then automatically the rest of them become depreciated, hence the harmony of power gets upset and then … Well, as a result of this the whole Earth gets transformed, becoming disharmonious.

An image may lead people to something beautiful, and, on the other hand, it also may cause destruction and inscrutable calamities as soon as the inner unity of opposites gets upset.

Anyhow, what is an image you may ask? Well, an image is an energetic entity invented by a Human Thought, which can be created just by one or several persons. Actually, a glamorous example of a collective image creation could be the performance of an actor or an actress on the stage. A person describes an image, putting it to paper, the other one depicts it on a stage. What actually happens to an actor, who is playing a fictitious image? For a while the actor substitutes his own feelings, wishes and aspirations with that very image’s distinctive features. While doing it the actor can change his natural gait, facial expression or habitual clothes. That’s how a fictitious image gets embodied for a while.

Only Man has been endowed with a gift of imaging. A manmade image
may live in Space as long as its creator, a certain person, holds to it in his
imagination, using the power of his thought. It doesn’t really matter whether
only one person or a whole group of people, taken together, is involved.

The more people, who are feeding an image with their feelings, the greater the image’s power turns out to be.
An image created by a Human Collective Thought can be provided with
either tremendous destructive or constructive power. An image has a feedback though, since it is connected to people, it can influence shaping their characters, ways of behavior, attitudes regardless of whether the group is small or big.

So, those people of the Imaging period, by using their great possibilities,
were creating with animation our planet’s life. At the beginning of the Imaging period of human history there just happened to appear only six persons who hadn’t managed withholding the balance of the Universal Energies within themselves, those Energies’ particles, which once had been passed to Man by Our Great Creator. Who knows, who can tell for sure now, probably they were meant to appear among humankind to test God’s Children…

One way or another, at first within just one of those six persons in issue the energy of selfishness came into force, gaining the upper hand, and later on the same thing happened to the second, the third and ultimately the sixth one yielded to temptation.

In fact those six had never met each other before. Virtually like attracted
like. For eventually they joined their efforts and directed their thought power
to the solution of one and the same problem – how to become the masters of
the entire humankind. So, there were six of them, and they have called themselves ‘the priests’ before the other people. Being reincarnated from century to century they are still living on the Earth.

Actually only these six persons are ruling all peoples of the Earth now.
Their dynasties make up ten thousand years all in all. They have been passing
their occult legacy down from generation to generation together with the science of Imaging, for they are aware of it partially. They’ve done their best to conceal Vedic knowledge from the rest of the people very thoroughly.

Amid those six there is the main one. They call him ‘the supreme priest’. Virtually he considers himself to be the head ruler of the whole human community.

Only a couple of phrases dropped by me, and eventually written by you in your book, alongside with the numerous reactions of your readers, were just enough for that supreme priest to become suspicious of who I am. Therefore, just in case, he tried to destroy me by using relatively insignificant forces of his. He has failed to accomplish it, though. He was surprised. Then he tried to
use even more powerful resources, which are available to him, still being in doubt of who I really am.

However, right now by pronouncing this magic word ‘VEDRUSSA’,
virtually I’ve revealed myself completely. The supreme priest, the one who is
in matter, living on the Earth, gets scared even of the sound of this spoken word. Can you believe it? How he has started shivering now, being aware what is really standing behind it! From now on he’ll direct his soldiers, all his armies of biorobots, calling up to join the forces of all dark occult sciences, aiming all of them at me, for my destruction. Meanwhile, he himself will be planning my total annihilation. Let him do it, at least from now on he’ll be preoccupied with me, then being busy fighting others. It’s rewarding.

You’ve told me, Vladimir, about all kinds of malicious things, which are taking place in the modern press. From now on you’ll see how they’ll be reinforcing their ranks, becoming even more exquisite, acquiring refinement even more. You’ll face skillful provocations and libels. The whole arsenal of tricks, that the forces of darkness have been always using throughout past
millennia, aimed to expunge our people’s cultural legacy.
However, everything you are going to see at the beginning will be just a
prelude, an acme of the iceberg. Not everybody is capable of beholding with their own eyes the occult attacks, though. Nevertheless, you’ll see, feel and
comprehend the whole of it.
Just don’t be afraid of them, will you. In front of the fearless a fearful one is helpless. Whatever you are to see just put it aside, forget it right away. No matter how mighty a monster could be. Since it’s forgotten it ceases its existence entirely.

I understand it isn’t a regular case, and I can feel you are in doubt.
Don’t you ever hurry, giving your way to doubt, will you, Vladimir. Just
take your time, thinking to yourself without fussing.

Verily, even a small group of people, getting together and being determined to build at least something, always has a leader amid themselves. So, let’s call him just a ruler.

Any small enterprise always has a manager in charge; a big one, actually, had several managers and the main one presiding over them all. There are plenty of rulers, or governors over all kinds of territorial districts which they call differently: a krai, province, district, county, state, area or just a friendly association, community, republic or whatever. It doesn’t really matter what word you use. The point is that all of them have rulers. A ruler of a state is at the head of everything, isn’t he? That’s how people often see or assume it. It looks, as if nobody else rules the entire people’s community living on the Earth, doesn’t it? So, do you believe that nobody is willing to mount the earthly throne?

Those, who are willing, have always been available, before and now.
The whole bunch of names of those aspiring for, the famous military leaders
from the recent world history, for instance, did their best to seize power over
the whole world, are, actually, well-known to you even from your text books.
Nevertheless, none of them had ever managed to reach his ambitious goal. Any
time they just approach to their desirable dream of prevailing over the universal power, something would go wrong. As a result of it, for some unknown reason, a universal ruler’s aspirant, together with his army, would get destroyed, turning them into misery or ashes. As for the state, which had encroached on the whole world’s ruling, once had believed to be irresistibly strong and prosperous, just on the spur of the moment, it used to turn into a mediocre one.

Over the course of the last ten thousand years that’s what would always
happen. Guess why? – The only reason ‘why’ is for a long time a secret ruler of the world has been always there. He has been playing games with those states, rulers and certain individuals. That’s what it’s all about! He calls
himself the ‘supreme priest’ of the entire Earth, and his five assistants call themselves just ‘priests’.

Will you take a close look, Vladimir, at another fact in issue, just take
your time and work it out in your head. At different parts of the Earth, century after century, thousands upon thousands of years followed, wars among peoples have never stopped. In every country, no exception to the rule, all kinds of robberies, diseases and calamities keep happening with each passing day. However, under the most sever or, to be more precise, strict ban one issue has there always been:

Whether the humankind’s civilizations have been developing
along the way of progress or on the other side, - the human community is degrading day after day.

The answer to this enquiry is as simple as it could be. Nevertheless, first
of all let’s cast a look at how those priests were moving toward their over-whelming power, and how they have managed keeping it on till now.

The first great achievement, which was leading them toward their
surreptitious goal was the creation of the state of Egypt. The modern history distinguishes the Egyptian one, giving it a lot of credits among the others. Just relying upon historical facts, neglecting mysticism and trivial comments, you’ll be able to get in touch with many hidden mysteries.

Here is the first one. The world history tells that a Pharaoh was called a
supreme ruler. The ample amount of Pharaohs’ military deeds, both the
successes and defeats, has been described. Their majestic tombs have been
always blowing people’s imagination far away, drawing scientists of different times to solve their mysteries. Alas, in vain! Meanwhile the pyramids’ grandeur still leads people astray. Yet, the main mystery stays unveiled.

Actually a Pharaoh would be considered to be not just the one who ruled
all his people, he was also treated as God Himself. Therefore all mundane
people used to appeal to him with all their troubles and requests, like providing
them with a rainy year, likewise pleading to safeguard from severe winds. History also provides us with numerous deeds and actions of those Pharaohs.
However, on having learned the great amount of the facts, taken from world history, having to do with Pharaohs, will you ask yourself, Vladimir, whether any of those Pharaohs could really be the rulers of that large state, and at the same time represent God Himself above God’s Children? By putting all the facts together in a row, or making ends meet, comparing all ‘yes’ and ‘no’, you’ll realize that a Pharaoh used to be just a biorobot in the hands of those priests in issue.

Well, let’s proceed with our discussion. Here are other facts at your
service. They are also well known from different historical records. During the
Pharaohs’ period along side with numerous priests, who were belonging to grand temples, there was also a supreme one among the rest of them. As a rule, under his supervision several nominees for a Pharaoh used to be taught, staying within the walls of the main temple. Anything the priests – tutors, wished they could suggest to those boy-candidates. Among the other stuff, that the boys were suggested that a Pharaoh could be chosen only by God Himself. They also were told that the supreme priest himself could hear the WORD OF GOD in the secret temple.

Ultimately there would come the day of one of those boys’ coronation,
for the uttermost, chosen one. Thus, being arrayed in special for that occasion
clothes, holding meaningful symbols in his hands, a newly arrived Pharaoh
would mount solemnly the majestic throne. Before other people he was an
almighty king, or God Himself. The priests knew, however that on the throne was resting just one of their biorobots. For they had known him since his childhood, they had studied his character and manners, how he would rule,
what exactly gifts the priesthood might expect from him in the coming future. The robot was reliable, for they had known how to manipulate it.

Any attempts of the Pharaohs of misbehaving or escaping the supreme priest’s obedience were very rare, if any. Nevertheless, none of the Pharaohs had ever managed to gain his freedom. For the power of the supreme priest is invisible as compared to the ruler’s one, who was wearing a Pharaoh’s robe. For the priest’s power over each and every one in particular, ruler in the world
not even for a single moment grows weaker. As the priest’s power doesn’t need to be verbalized or require an obvious discourse. Just like for the vast majority of his subjects, it gets submerged, taking the shape of false suggestion concerning the Truth about World Creation. If only a Pharaoh could ever contemplate peacefully, letting himself rid of those images, which had been suggested to him, probably he would have been able to become a real human being again. However, everything had been conceived by those priests from the beginning that a Pharaoh couldn’t set himself free from the everyday vanity bondage.

Vanity! That’s what it is all about! Vanity is a stumbling stone. The
Information, flooding from all over the large state, kept coming to him carried by numerous couriers, clerks-scribes and governor-generals. He had to make very quick decisions, or moreover, if at war, it was required of him to do a good deal of thinking too.

Now our Pharaoh rushes in on his chariot, now he is censuring or rewarding his subjects. He is here, he is there, he is everywhere and very often he doesn’t even have sufficient time for a decent sleep. And that’s the way it goes. He is involved into his diurnal responsibilities and duties. As for the supreme priest, meanwhile he takes his time for meditation and quiet contemplation. And that’s what it is all about. This is his advantage! The supreme priest is planning how he could autocratically rule the whole world, staying behind the stage as an absolute ruler. And even more to it, he is bearing in his mind an idea of reproduction of a world of his own, different from this one, created by Our Father, God Himself.

What is for him a foolish boy – Pharaoh, or the stupid mobs of his bustling subjects? They are just toys for him and nothing else.

Those six priests have secretly studied the science of Imaging.
Meanwhile the vast majority of human masses gradually were forgetting the Laws of Nature.

Virtually, those priests, Vladimir, had transferred the energy of people’s
interaction with the Divine Living Creation of Mother Nature to the temples
invented by them. They were nourishing themselves with the People’s Energy, though, never sending any feedback.

What had been so obvious during the Vedic culture, it all of a sudden
turned into mysticism. A vast majority of people started falling asleep as if
being mesmerized, as though in a half-sleeping state, they were following the
orders of those priests in power. And that was the way people started destroying the Divine Natural World. They started to create an artificial one to please the priests’ ambitions. Meanwhile the priests were keeping their Image science strictly covert. They didn’t even dare to put it to paper, writing on scrolls. They also invented a language of their own to communicate with each other. By the way, you may attest this fact referring to world history again.
That special language was needed for security reasons, just in case, to eliminate all kinds of incidents that by any chance could occur while talking with each other in somebody’s presence. That way nobody could get in touch with the clandestine affairs. Thus, till the present days, they have managed handing down from the past to the priestly generations the legacy of that simple mystic.

So, six thousand years ago the supreme priest, one of those six, decided to take hold of the power over the whole world. His reflection sounded as follows:
‘I guess, there is no way for me to seize the power with the help of
Pharaohs’ armies, even though I could teach the commanders-in-chief to use
more perfect and exquisite weapons. Yet what can an army of thoughtless fools do for me? Really, they can plunder more gold and treasures, but what of it. I’ve got it in abundance, moreover an ample quantity of slaves are at my disposal, yet the energy of slaves is malevolent. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to take food from slaves’ hands, I guess. It’s tasteless and even harmful, to add to it. Hence, human souls are to be in great demand. I hope I’m right. This is the way. By subjugating them the energy of their tender, exalted love could be directed to myself to the fullest. It sounds nice! Although, in this very case not an army is required, but a perfect scientific thought is really important. That’s right! From now on the science of Imaging is going to become my invisible army. The deeper I learn to know it, the more faithful my army will be. The less the mob knows about it, being dipped into the occult and Maya, the more submissive in my respect it is going to be. That’s it.’

The supreme priest created his plan at last. In the events of the six
millennia followed it has found its reflection, and it’s pretty much alive till the present moment.

You, or anybody else, are well aware of the events, which happened
lately. Actually you can tell one from the other just by their interpretations.
However, will you try to give your own, then you’ll reveal the Truth. Just
watch! You’ll see. Now look here. The plan had been expounded at the counsel
of those six priests, and eventually, in the long run it became widely spread among many people, for the Bible, the Old Testament reads about it.

Priest Moses on the commission of the supreme priest leads the Jewish
people out of Egypt. The most wonderful life has been promised to them in the
Promised Land, as the Torah, the Judaic Scripture says. Just mind, God Himself has specially provided only for them. So, that way they have declared the Jewish people to be the only one selected nation by God Himself. Naturally, the tempting message excites their minds. Therefore a great part of the people of
Israel follows Moses. Thus he is leading his people, back and forth, from one
edge of the vast desert to another and so it lasts for forty long years. The
priest’s assistants are constantly among them. They are reading sermons,
repeating over and over again the idea of a chosen nation to them. They make
them wage predatory wars, plundering cities in His name, in God’s name.

When, from time to time, someone of those people happens to see the
situation clearly, recovering from the hysteria, naturally they start demanding
to bring them back, they are eager to return to their former way of life. And
right away they are declared to be great sinners, giving them time and
opportunity for redressing and changing their minds. In case they don’t, they
are simply murdered. Those priests don’t expose themselves, though, covering their actions by God’s deeds.

Everything I’m telling you, Vladimir, isn’t a falsehood or a nightmare.
It’s not a lucid dream either. Anyone may make it clear, attesting to it through
approbation, which could be found in the Bible, the Old Testament, the great
Book of Records. However, only those will be able to see it obviously, who
could have managed to wake, at least slightly, up from the millennia’s
hypnotic dream, and read the Scripture properly: how and with the help of what
the people of Israel had been coded and turned into priestridden forces.

Later on Jesus tried to decode his people. Being highly gifted in
perceiving knowledge, he did his best in averting the priests’ clandestine project. While on his roam, wandering amid the sages, he was aspiring to perceive the Imaging science step by step. On having learned a lot, he had made up his mind to save the Jewish people, his own folks. He also had managed to create a religion of his own, so it could have opposed evil.

Virtually, his religion was not meant for the people of entire
the Earth, though. And it’s an important fact to be taken into
consideration, by the way. For it was destined for Jewish people only. He himself repeatedly attested to it in his talks to people.

Actually, his words have been put to paper by his disciples. Therefore,
anyone may read them even now in the New Testament. For instance, the New
Testament says (The RECORD of JESUS ANSESTORS, Matthew, 15, verses 22-23):

“A Gentile woman, who lived there came to him, pleading, ‘Have
mercy on me, O Lord, Son of David! For my daughter has a demon in her,
and it is severely tormenting her.’ But Jesus gave her no reply – not even a
word. Then his disciples urged him to send her away. ‘Tell her to leave,’ they
said, ‘She is bothering us with all her begging.’ Then he said to the woman,
‘I was sent only to help the people of Israel – God’s lost sheep – not the Gentiles.’

Now, what do the words ‘I was sent only to help the people of Israel –
God’s lost sheep,’ really mean? Why was Jesus’ teaching meant only for the
Jews? Can you tell me why right off the top of your head? Why did he consider the Jewish people as being lost?

Believe me, Vladimir, Jesus realized that during the process of coding, which lasted for forty years in the Sinai Desert, the vast majority of the Jewish people had been dipped into a hypnotic dream. That part of the people, including Moses himself, had become an instrument in the hands of the supreme priest. They turned to become his soldiers, whom he had obliged to please his arrogance, in his striving of seizing the power over the people of the entire Earth.

And they did fight honestly throughout the millennia in various corners
of the Earth. What’s more to it, it was not just a primitive sward or bullet that
has become their weapons, but a skillful stratagem and also creation of a
specific mode of life, with which help the people of the world could obey the occultism, hence the priests’ selfishness.

Indeed, those people would fight whole-heartedly regardless of their own lives and feelings.

‘Not exactly any battle should assume the presence of two opposing sides,’ ‘Since it’s true, then where are the victims? For during a battle there should always be some victims on both sides, shouldn’t there?’ that’s what you’ve just thought, haven’t you, Vladimir?

You yourself could find the proofs, verifying the exact dates of those
events, which have been mentioned in all kinds of historical sources.

Just for your records, Vladimir, to make your task easier in your search
for those horrible dates’ records, I’ll tell you a couple of them, just to highlight
them a bit. If you wish, you search on your own for their historical attestation.

Today it’s well known to everybody, including you, Vladimir, the way
children and old people are perishing in Israel because of terrorism.
Comparatively recently, as you know, there was a severe war in Europe, which they call now World War II, or the Great Patriotic War. Likewise there are plenty of records, which have been thoroughly documented. They say how
during that war the Jews: both old and young, children, mothers and young
expectant mothers, and also young innocent men, who had never experienced
any love feeling, were burned down in crematoriums, poisoned with gas or just
buried alive in common graves. Neither one, nor one hundred or a thousand
people have perished. There were millions of them who had been brutally
murdered within a very short period of time. The historians consider Hitler to be guilty in all those crimes, though.

Then, let me ask you a question: whose guilt was it in Kiev Russ,
1,113 A. D.? When public indignation broke out instantly against the Jews. The
Jewish households in Kiev and in other parts of the country were robbed and
burnt to ashes. They were killing the Jewish people, not even feeling sorry for the children. The people of the ancient Russ, being afflicted by brutal grudges, were on the point of wiping off their own governing princes. That was the reason why an emergency congress had assembled coming forward with the decision of establishing an edict, which was formalized in such words as follows:
‘From now on the Jews are to be expelled from Russian lands and henceforth they are not welcome in the country. Those Jews, who will come stealthily are to be robbed and murdered.’

Then in 1,290 A. D., as if for no reason at all, a sudden physical
extermination of the Jews started in England. And again the regents had to
banish the Jewish people from the country.

And again, in 1,492 A. D. Jewish massacres or pogroms started in Spain.
All Jewish people, living in Spain at that time were threatened with the danger
of physical annihilation, hence they were forced out of the country.

As a matter of fact, ever since the Jews had come out of the Sinai Desert,
people of different countries started to hate them. This hatred found its place
within many nations, virtually it was growing and spreading. Now and then it would emerge, turning into violent massacres.

Now, Vladimir, I’ve mentioned only some of them, the dates of those
dreadful programs, which you may come to learn yourself from different
historical records, written by people. Besides, the Jewish people had lots and lots of other bloody conflicts. Each one of them, of course, were less significant than those ones, I’ve told you about, which had taken place on a large scale. Nevertheless, if all those numerous minor conflicts put together into a single one, it’ll turn out to become unparalleled on the world scale and the most frightful of all the most terrible ones.

Since it keeps happening throughout millennia, though, only one thing
can be deduced: the Jewish people are guilty in front of all earthly people. Then, what is their guilt? Actually, both ancient and present-day historians are of the opinion that the Jews conspire against authorities, causing a mess. They are anxious, deceiving everybody both the young and old, trying to take away from a poor one at least a bit through trickery, as far as a rich one is concerned, they do their best to take as much as they can or virtually ruin him completely. The fact has also been attested that there are a lot of wealthy people amidst the Jews, who are able to influence even governments.

However, one question arises. Ask yourself to what extent is a righteous
one innocent of the fraud on the part of the Jews. The one, who has accumulated his wealth, did he amass his fortune honestly? And a powerful
one, is he acute enough since he could be easily deceived?

Besides, the vast majority of the world rulers are dependable and
that’s what the Jews, in particular, have revealed clearly to the world. One can debate a lot on this topic, although the answer appears by itself as plain as it could be, - in the occult world everybody exists at the expense of a deceit. Hence the next question naturally comes into being: is it worthy to judge the one, who has achieved more among the rest of them?

Let’s return to our issue. As far as the Jewish people are concerned, any
nation, living on the Earth, could have appeared in their place. Any one if he had been subjected to that kind of unprecedented coding would behave this way. Just imagine a situation like that: staying in a desert for forty years, giving
consideration to nothing else but the occultism, being separated from all of God’s creations, just a desert wildness!

As I’ve already told, Jesus tried to delete, to save his people by wiping
that coding out. For his goal’s sake he had made up a new religion, as opposed to the previous one in many ways. For instance, just for the sake of counter-balancing them it was said in The Sermon on the Mount, Matthew, 5:

“You have heard that the law of Moses says, ‘If an eye is injured, injure the eye of the person who did it. If a tooth gets knocked out, knock out the tooth of the person who did it.’ But I say, don’t resist an evil person! If you are slapped on the right cheek, turn the other, too…The law of Moses says, ‘Love your neighbor’ and hate your enemy,” but Jesus said, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you! … If you are kind only to your friends, how are you different from anyone else? … But you are to be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect.”
As opposed to where it was said, that the people of Israel were “the
chosen people of God amid the others”, Jesus told them that they were the slaves of God.

Jesus could have told his people the truth, though. He could have spoken
about Vedic Times and how happily Man could live in his own estate by
creating a Space of Love and getting in direct touch with Our Father’s living
creations, but the Jewish people had already been coded, blocked, utterly
isolated from God! They believed only in occult deeds. The illusory world was
suppressing their consciousness. Jesus decided to use occult methods too, and he created an occult religion.

The supreme priest did manage to unravel Jesus’ plan, as he had been
straining his thoughts for years until he got the clue, and to his mind it seemed
to be the most brilliant project, when he at last came forward with his solution. ‘There is no sense in fighting Jesus’ teaching,’ he was thinking to himself, ‘With the help of my Jewish soldiers,’ actually, through them, this teaching will
be necessary to instill into the minds of other nations the whole world around, preserving the old religion for the people of Israel.’

So, as you know, it has happened exactly according to the supreme
priest’s planning. Two different philosophies synchronously have come into
being. One of them says that the Jewish people are a chosen nation, according
to the law of Moses, hence all other nations are to be obeyed and honor them
accordingly. On the other side, Jesus’ religion teaches:

‘Before your heavenly Father all are equal, nobody should prevail for
He gives His Love and sunlight to all of you.’

Hence, one should love his neighbor, moreover it’s even necessary to love your enemies. The priests had realized as soon as they could manage to envelop the whole world with Christianity, which advocates for love and humbleness, and at the same time, to save Judaism without changing, which
recognizes the idea of one nation’s predomination, the world would kneel before the Jewish people. Yet, they are just priests’ soldiers, nothing else! Actually, the world would kneel before the supreme priest himself.

And so it has happened. The priests’ missionaries and preachers went to the world around, doing their best, sincerely carrying the cross of the new teaching. Was it the Jesus’ one? – Not exactly. From that time on a lot has been ‘corrected’ or invented to it by the supreme priest and his assistants.
What happened after that you approximately know. Actually, Rome declined. A once great and powerful empire was destroyed by external enemies. Rome was falling apart from within, being lacerated internally as soon as it had recognized the new religion – Christianity. Its emperors believed, though that Christianity was strengthening a ruler’s power. Virtually the new religion’s postulates did flatter each ruler’s ego: ‘All power is from God. A ruler, an emperor is an anointed sovereign by Divine Grace.’

Actually in the fourth century (A. D.) Christianity officially won a victory
over Rome. And in a state of exultation the main priest issued a secret order, free of contact, on the energy level, directing it to the Byzantine emperor. As a result of it, Christian Rome burned down the great Library of Alexandria to ashes. [The most famous ancient library, comprising almost all works of literature, history and science, which could possibly exist at that time in the documented human records. At the times of Gaius Julius Caesar (100-44 B. C.) it numbered nearly 100, 000 nomenclatorial items. However, during the heated conflicts between the Pagans and the Christians, the latter ones destroyed the Holy Temple of Sarapis, where the library had been located. (Antiquity Dictionary, Published by “Progress”, Russia, 1989)]
Thus they have burned down 700, 033 precious volumes all in all. The
fires made of those books and ancient scrolls of human wisdom were
burning in various cities. As a matter of fact, it was not just an accident as
some historians are trying to put it. That way they were burning down the
books of, the so called, Pagan period. Among those books there were few ones, in which the VEDIC PEOPLE KNOWLEDGE had been written down. To be
more precise, namely those books were not destroyed in fire. They were
withdrawn and hidden. The ruling priests studied those books of wisdom with
great care within their narrow circle, and only after very thorough study they destroyed them.

The thought of the whole earthly peoples were moving further and
further away from the knowledge of the Sources was pleasing and cherishing
the supreme priest’s mind and ego. Virtually, he believed that there would be
no obstacles on his way from that time on.

In the long run he grew even bolder and issued another invisible order,
as a result of which there, at the Constantinopolitan Synod II they
anathematized the teaching from the Bible, which is called Reincarnation.
Although, you may ask, ‘what for?’- Well, just to prevent people from being
contemplative or growing pensive over the essence of their earthly life. That’s what it is all about.

Thus, they could make people think that only beyond the Earth a
happy life is possible. And it has happened that many nations on the Earth started to think just like that.

The supreme priest felt exalted. For he had known what would happen
next. His argumentation was as follows: ‘Man hasn’t seen the life beyond the
Earth. Nobody knows for sure how to get to Heaven; whether it is nice
there or, on the other hand, they should avoid the terrifying hell. Therefore, just
right here, at this very point, for my plans’ benefit, I’ll give Man an occult prompting.’

That was how, and till the present moment, those priests in issue, have
been distributing their hints to the whole world, pleasing themselves and
playing up to their ego. Nevertheless, the total power over the world, straight
away, they could not manage to gain even at that time. Although, at first sight it looked to them, that after the Roman Empire’s debacle, the utmost powerful bastion of the Pagan culture had ceased to exist.

However, there was another island on the Earth, which had still
remained inviolable, beyond the priests’ regular, vicious charms. Long before
mighty Rome and Jesus’ appearance, the supreme priest had aspired to destroy the cultural legacy of the last VEDIC STATE on the planet Earth – RUSS, or

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