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Diskussionsforum zum Buch Anastasia von Wladimir Megre

HISTORICAL DEPTH from Book VII of the series

Gepostet von: Larisa Malgosheva-Bartone
Datum: 18 Februar 2003


Book VII of the series


Vladimir Megre


Translated from Russian:

Larisa Malgosheva-Bartone

The story of Anastasia’s granddad had astonished me by its nonordinarity and simplicity of reasoning.

Afterwards I had the opportunity to compare all of his statements with other sources of information. I am telling you, the feeling of ever lasting amazement has never left me because of the numerous coincidences, synchronicity and amazing matchable facts. Those facts in particular, which are shaping and driving our logical thinking towards a certain conclusion. Therefore in my future narration I’ll do my best, trying to put together the old man’s affirmations with other records and references I’ve managed to discover.

In 30-100 A. D. relatively small, sporadic groups of the believers and nonbelievers, who lived both in Israel, Palestine and the Roman Empire, started merging into independent trends within Judaism. A relatively small Christian community appeared. Its members became ardent devotees of Jesus Christ. As a matter of fact, they were giving a lot of credence to his forthcoming resurrection. There are numerous monographs, attesting to this fact, including the Bible itself. To make a long story short, the fact that a powerful Christian teaching has started just from a small Jewish community is undeniable and universally acknowledged.

Now, let’s try to figure out how could it have happened that a teaching of a comparatively small community, on the spur of the moment, has taken roots in the Roman Empire, then all over the present-day Europe and eventually in Russia?

Generally speaking, in the world, it has become known among numerous countries of the world, since it hadn’t even been widely known in Israel itself?

According to Anastasia’s granddad, the priests, who had been controlling the Jewish people by that time, could foresee that a slight touch of revision, rather ‘recycling’ of the Christian teaching could shape a slave type of Man, which would become pliable, forgeable and controllable. That kind of a human being partially or completely, through turning his own logical process of thinking off, starts lending a lot of credence to what clergymen or anybody else is telling him/her, buying it as a truth. To be more precise, a human biorobot is getting molded, taking its shape. It automatically submits and responds to a given program.

Let’s give a definition to a biorobot. A human biorobot is a Man who has agreed to commit himself/herself, not necessarily voluntarily, though, but under the influence of a special occult program, to a certain creed, putting an absolute trust in the unreal, illusory world or Maya. Since the unreal world has been created by somebody with a certain purpose, that very ‘somebody’ affirms that he/she knows the laws of the illusory world and demands from this given person to follow these rules or laws, whatever. In fact that ‘somebody’ subjugates, bringing his victim under a rigid control.

Thus far, the Jewish priests, who had acquired by that time not only an ample amount of knowledge, but also gained quite sufficient experience of introducing into the human masses all types of teachings, appropriate for them. They had trained hundreds of preacher-missionaries from the Christians, providing them with money and directions to different countries of the world. They were to introduce the required teaching. The following event can serve as an indirect proof of the fact in issue.

By the end of the second century of our era the Jewish Christian communities all of a sudden promoted missionary activity on an utmost scale in various countries of the world wide. It’s good to notice the fact, that literally this kind of activity, of intensive evangelization, publishing and the edition of the Hebrew Christian Bible, had preceded that activity.

I think, nobody will argue the fact that book publishing has always been a costly procedure. It’s good to know, though, that in ancient times publishing of each book required not just money, - quite a fortune was in order to midwife that kind of a business.

It goes without saying that they needed money to cover their traveling expenses to far away countries. In those times only rich merchants or wealthy people belonging to the upper walks of society could afford such kind of traveling or overseas voyages.

Could a small community, which consisted primarily of countrymen, ever manage to accomplish, paving the way for such a costly undertaking like that?

It goes without saying that they had been provided with highly qualified theoretical training and sufficient financial support. Close attention to all of that on the part of the priesthood, financial and moral support had played its role in turning a regular peasant into a fanatic.

Just imagine an Israeli, a regular countryman, who is told: ‘Well, we can see you to become a great missionary and preacher. We are going to teach you a bit, provide you with money and you’ll teach people, bringing them the Word of God, though … not in your own country. You have to go to other countries of the world.’

Thus, they did it. They would leave for other countries. And what was the result? Have they achieved any success? – Nothing of the kind. For the local population of all the countries they would come to rejected Jewish preachers. Moreover, they were not just turned down. As a matter of fact, at the beginning people would listen to them, then ask them to leave in peace, and those intruders, who were too persistent, were physically maltreated, or sometimes even dogs were set on them. Numerous historical records of the former Roman Empire attest to these facts. For the main forces of those preachers were, actually, directed there.

In the long run, as a result of those intensive attacks was the establishment of numerous Christian communities in different parts of the Roman Empire. Nevertheless, they didn’t influence the fundamental, traditional principals of the local population at all. They just ignored them. Ancient Rome, virtually, remained pagan, the way it had been before. All those new sects did not influence either political life, or, in any way, shape a new type of Man, a biorobotic slave, which the priests had so much aspired to gain.

In fact, the preachers of the first wave were not regarded with favor by the Roman emperors either. Emperor Nero (54-68 A. D.) respected all kinds of pagan religions, however, as far as the Christians were concerned, he didn’t hide his intolerance. Therefore the Christians were persecuted all over the vast territory of the Roman Empire by many emperors: Emperor Dionys (249-251 A. D.), Diocletian (284-305 A. D.) and Galerius (305-311 A. D.). The latter one was the most agressive persecutor of all. Only the preachers of the second wave were a success. For those preachers were not already religious fanatics. For the main priest, having taken into consideration all his previous drawbacks, took care of training the new generation of his missionaries the way that, on one hand they could speak plentifully about faith, and on the other hand they were perfect psychologists, who could influence Man by using his ambition, to suit their own ends.

The uttermost priority for the preachers of the second wave was the exclusive influence on the world rulers. It was necessary to convince them that the Christian creed would reinforce their power forever. All governmental structures and subjects were promised to become flexible, easily ruled and controllable, furthermore, the states were to become ever prospering.

That was the reason it had worked. In the short run those doctrines found their way, they were accepted. And why not, - since they declared: “All power is from God. A ruler is God’s messenger and representative on the Earth.”

That kind of programming, virtually, provided ample opportunity for controlling thoughts, dreams, strivings and actions of each citizen of any country. To make a long story short, the rulers became priority targets of the priests’ intensive treatment.

Outwardly it really looked that way, though it was only a look. In fact, the rulers, who had let themselves yield to temptation, didn’t suspect that, actually, they had put themselves into the hands of uncanny forces.

Things started to improve for Christianity in the Roman Empire. It was gaining its strength. Especially after 312 A. D., when they had managed to convince the great Roman emperor Constantine (306-337 A. D.) of the great value and advantages of Christian churches’ availability in his state. Thus Constantine agreed to patronize them, however, on the other side, he had never stopped supporting and protecting the temples of the Roman Divinities. As a result of that, things improved greatly for Christianity in the Roman Empire. As a matter of fact, their wealth multiplied greatly, and the oncoming generations Christian bishops in the short run managed to gain the power over the Roman senators too.

This fact exactly, likewise numerous others, speaks in favor of the idea that the teaching in issue couldn’t have grown and developed as much, subjecting to its grave influence the human society without proper support of the secular rulers. The chief leaders of this teaching have been aspiring towards gaining as much power for themselves as they could.

The might of the Roman Church became tremendously great, and the Roman Empire, on the other side, eventually has fallen, though. How come? Is it just a coincidence, bad luck or surreptitious synchronicity? Maybe it’s an exception to the rule, appropriateness or a natural phenomenon? The answer is right there, my friends, in the ongoing history of humankind, right up to the present moment.

Nobody is able to name, a single county or state on our planet, which has prospered or benefited because of Christianity. Quite opposite, it’s possible to enumerate a number of mundane states, which have shared the sad fate, of the Roman Empire.

Here is another worthy historical fact. Almost in all of those countries, which had accepted Christianity, sooner or later, the non-Christian Jews would appear somehow, starting rather strange activity. For some unknown reasons they would easily become wealthy people. Their activity, in all Christian countries, by the way, was spreading, acquiring dimensions on a large scale. It was so obvious. It couldn’t stay neglected either by the local people, or their government of those states.

As soon as it reached its apex the citizens of that very country would start fighting the Jews. Before long, without undue delay, the government would start forcing the Jewish people out.

Starting with the second millennium of our era, numerous facts of those kind of events, Jewish pogroms or massacres took place in various Christian countries of the world, and I’ve already mentioned some of them in Book VI of the series. However, I’d like to add to it that in 1,096 it happened on the Rhine river (Austria & SW boundary of Germany). Dozens of Jewish communities were destroyed there.

In 1290 the Jews were expelled from England and by the end of the 14th century one hundred thousand Jews were murdered in Spain. However, in spite of everything, somehow the Jewish people would return stealthily again to the same places.

The list of those horribles could be prolonged. But what for, though? It’s quite obvious without further ado that the everlasting events, which would keep repeating themselves throughout centuries in a row, accompanied by similar circumstances, have turned to be conspicuously programmed on purpose. Since both of them, the Christians and the Jews have been constantly sustaining heavy losses, it turns out to be quite evident that there should exist the third character in the play, which doesn’t suffer any losses. For that very character it doesn’t really matter what kind of biorobot to activate: whether it is a Christian, a Judaist. All of them are just obedient slaves, which are easily manipulable.

Who is the third one you may ask, though. The historical investigators, who have been anxious to reach the roots of all those, everlasting bacchanalia, keep pointing only to the Jewish people, as though the cause of all wide world troubles. Yet, if there is a third force, then both the Jews and the Christians are just puppets - biorobots in the hands of that very force.

Is it possible to define and attest to its existence? – Yes, it is! And that’s what it is all about! Naturally, you’ll ask me “how”. Just by using historical records, reading them in the daylight and using our ability of logical thinking. Just think to yourselves, folks.

Amidst the Jewish nation there is one estate, a clan of a cast, whatever you may call them. Their name doesn’t really matter. To make a long story short, let’s call them just “the Levites”.

However, there are historical records telling us that the tribe has started from the Egyptian priests. Let’s take the most reliable source of information, The Old Testament, Numbers 18-31. One can see that the tribe of Levi had exclusive rights and positions among the rest of the people.

Thus, for instance, in accordance with the Israeli laws they were not to take part in any kind of war affair. They also hadn’t to pay any taxes or assessments imposed on the rest of the Hebrew people. Likewise, according to The Old Testament, they were not liable to a general census of the population in the kingdom of Palestine (1025 B. C.), comprising the lands occupied by the Hebrew people.

While setting field-camps when on marches and campaigns, the Israeli tribes (each of them would comprise from fifty to one hundred thousand people) would arrange circles. Each of the tribe had a fixed indisputable place in those circles, which were oriented to the North, South, West and East. They also knew how and where to put their outposts. Yet, a special place in the center of the camp was an inviolable one, it belonged to the tribe of Levi. As a matter of fact, each Israeli tribe’s duty was to protect the Levites. Did the Levites have duties? From their tribe only clergymen were to be appointed. This duty had been imposed upon them, likewise to watch the Hebrew people strictly observing all kinds of laws, established for them. Will you take your time, taking into consideration the way those laws were regulating what, when and how to eat, how to treat the “unfaithful” ones or even where to go.

I am telling you, the regulations were really rigid and very specific ones. The whole daylong, from dawn till dusk, had been assigned. Moreover, it had been scheduled which exactly land to go, where to show themselves and whom to wage war with.

Hence the Levites, virtually, were the main rulers of the people of Israel, and, most likely, they were utterly skilled ones.

Nevertheless, it’s difficult to tell for sure right now whether the Levites were really of the Israelis. For it looks as though all those laws assigned to the Hebrew people didn’t really extend to the Levites. In this particular case, for instance, the Jewish rite of circumcision for each seven day old baby, the Brith Milah, was not compulsory for everybody. For it wasn’t applicable to the members of the tribe of Levi.

So far, having the secret science of the Egyptian priests at their disposal, they could afford to devote ample amounts of time to all kinds of studies, meditation, contemplation, investigations and experimentation. Moreover, they were exempt from the compulsory military service. Likewise they were released from all kinds of duties and physical labor. Hence, from generation to generation they have been developing their aptitudes, gaining their knowledge.

Someone may ask me, “How come? Just like that up to the present day? So far, we have heard nothing about such a nation, a tribe or aggregation as ‘the Levites’. Well, ostensibly, it was way back to time immemorial. Look, the Russians, the Englishmen, the Americans or the Japanese are in every-body’s ears. Yet, the utter most brilliant of all, who are ruling everybody, for some reason are not known at all.”

That’s right, they are unknown only because that they, just like those Egyptian priests, have to stay in the shade. Just in case, lay all your claims to the Jews, executors of their will. Therefore the Jewish people have been prosecuted world wide throughout all those millennia in a row. Why does it happen anyway? – Because the Jews are trying in every possible way to get as much money as they can, and, to tell the truth, most of the time it works for a lot of them.

“Well, I don’t see the clue,” somebody may say again, “What has it to do with the Levites? If, for example, the Jews in England, Spain or Russia carry out their policy and in the long run they transfer a certain amount of means from private or federal bank accounts to their own ones so what? What has it to do with the Levites? If the people or the government of any country can see unfair deeds of the Jewish population and respond negatively, then sooner or later the thread may lead to the Levites. Anyway, generally speaking it looks as if there is no logic or sense in those Levites’ actions or behavior. Why would they help the Jews, giving many pieces of their wise advice, creating all kinds of tricky situations and manipulating the whole countries or even states? I guess, there is no point in all those allegations of yours,” somebody could reason like that.

Nevertheless, it appears that there is a point, a pretty much direct, simple and specific interest, - money! The reason is the wealthy Jewish people, it doesn’t really matter what country, they are bound to pay a certain part of their income to those Levites. Do you need any proof? Here you are!

According to the old and faithful Scripture, The Old Testament the people of Israel had to give a tithe from their income to the tribe of Levi. It reads as follows in Numbers 18:

Duties of Priests and Levites

The LORD now said to Aaron: “You, your sons, and your relatives from the tribe of Levi will be held responsible for any offenses related to the sanctuary. But you and your sons alone will be held liable for violations connected with the priesthood. But as the Levites go about their duties under your supervision, they must be careful not to touch any of the sacred objects or the altar. If they do, both you and they will die. The Levites must join with you to fulfill their responsibilities for the care and maintenance of the Tabernacle, but no one who is not a Levite may officiate with you. You yourselves must perform the sacred duties within the sanctuary and the altar. If you follow these instructions, the LORD’s anger will never again blaze against the people of Israel. I myself have chosen your fellows Levites from among the Israelites to be your special assistants. They are dedicated to the LORD for service in the Tabernacle. But you and your sons, the priests, must personally handle all the sacred service associated with the altar and everything within the inner curtain. I am giving you the priesthood as your special gift of service. Any other person who comes too near the sanctuary will be put to death.”

Support for the Priests and Levites The LORD gave these further instructions to Aaron: “I have put the priests in charge of all the holy gifts that are brought to me by the people of Israel. I have given these offerings to you and your sons as your regular share. You are allotted the portion of the most holy offerings that is kept from the fire. From all the most holy offerings – including the grain offerings, sin offerings, and guilt offerings – that potion belongs to you and your sons. You must eat it as a most holy offering. All the males may eat of it, and you must treat it as most holy.

All the other offerings presented to me by the Israelites, by lifting them up before the altar, also belong to you as your regular share. Any member of your family who is ceremonially clean, male and female alike, may eat of these offerings.

I also give you the harvest gifts brought by the people as offerings to the LORD – the best of olive oil, wine, and grain. All the firstfruits of the land that the people present to the Lord belong to you. Any member of your family who is ceremonially clean may eat this food.

Whatever is specially set apart for the LORD also belongs to you.

The firstborn of every mother, whether human or animal, that is offered to the LORD will be yours. But you must always redeem your firstborn sons and the firstborn males of ritually unclean animals. Redeem them when they are one month old. The redemption price is five pieces of silver, each piece weighing the same as the standard sanctuary shekel.

However, you may not redeem the firstborn of cattle, sheep, or goats. They are holy and have been set apart for the LORD. Sprinkle their blood on the altar, and burn their fat as an offering given by fire, very pleasing to the LORD. The meat of these animals will be yours, just like the breast and right thigh that are presented by lifting them up before the altar. Yes, I am giving you all these holy offerings that the people of Israel bring to the LORD. They are for you and your sons and daughters, to be eaten as your regular share. This is an unbreakable covenant between the LORD and you and your descendants.”

And the LORD said to Aaron, “Your priests will receive no inheritance of land or share of property among the people of Israel. I am your inheritance and your share. As for the tribe of Levi, your relatives, I will pay them for their service in the Tabernacle with the tithes from the entire land of Israel.”

“ ….. This is a permanent law among you. But the Levites will receive no inheritance of land among the Israelites, because I have given them the Israelites tithes, which have been set apart as offerings to the LORD. This will be the Levites’ share. That is why I said they would receive no inheritance of land among the Israelites.”

The LORD also told to Moses, Say this to the Levites: “When you receive the tithes from the Israelites, give a tenth of the tithes you receive – a tithe of the tithe – to the LORD as a gift. The LORD will consider this to be your harvest offering, as though it were the first grain from your own threshing floor or wine from your own winepress. You must present one-tenth of the tithe received from the Israelites as a gift to the LORD. From this you must present the LORD’s portion to Aaron the priest. Be sure to set aside the best portions of the gifts given to you as your gifts to the LORD.”

Also say to the Levites: “When you present the best part, it will be considered as though it came from your own threshing floor or winepress. You Levites and your families may eat this food anywhere you wish, for it is your compensation for serving in the Tabernacle. You will not be considered guilty for accepting the LORD’s tithes if you give the best portion to the priests. But be careful not to treat the holy gifts of the people of Israel as though they were common. If you do, you will die.”

Whereas somebody may think this way: “Well, regardless of what you say, what has The Old Testament , which was written in ancient times, to do with our present-day problems? It really makes no sense.” I can answer your inquiry straight way in such words as follows: Aren’t there believers, devotees, preachers, rabbis and rabbinate amid the Jewish people any more? - Of course, there are! What’s more appropriate to say, there is no doubt that the vast majority of the Jews keep creed, religious canons and traditions. As a matter of fact, a lot of Jewish people, even those, who are not regarded as believers, enjoy reading or study the Cabala, a medieval and modern system of Jewish theosophy, mysticism, and thaumaturgy marked by belief in creation through emanation and cipher methods of interpreting the Scripture. There are special Cabala study groups, which are involved in this esoteric doctrine, occult or mysterious art and secret matters.

So far as you accept it as a truth universally acknowledged, will you imagine to yourselves what a colossal amount of wealth has been accumulated for the Levites in various banks of our world.

Furthermore, they don’t need to worry about saving or multiplying their tremendous capitals. It’s universally acknowledged that there are a lot of Jewish bankers in different countries and it’s their business to take care of this matter. There is no doubt that in proper time, at a proper moment the Levites may prompt, giving a hint of where, when or what exactly to do, what regime, alignment or opposition to support or on the contrary – destroy it with the help of artful financial intrigues.

Although, one could doubt Anastasia’s information concerning the fact that just a couple of priests have been ruling the whole of human society. Nevertheless, at present the logical chain of events and occurrences has become highlighted, I hope. Therefore those people, who have not completely lost their abilities of logical thinking, should doubt their doubts. Please, don’t count the fanatics in, though.

Here is the logic itself. Let’s cast a look back into the history: About one million of Jewish people are leaving Egypt led by priests. Their closest assistants are the Levites, who are to forge a certain type of human individual out of the Israelites. For this very sake a special kind of religion has been created, which suggests a whole bunch of rituals and specific ways of life to follow.

The Levites in their turn have managed to undertake the task which had been entrusted to them. For the ideology, created several millennia ago has been still dominating over the people of Israel, which differs them from the manifold of nations living on the Earth even now. For one of the main postulates of their ideology is the statement that the LORD has chosen them among the rest of the earthly people as His beloved children.

Anyway, the ideology does exist, the Jewish people are in existence, the conflicts keep happening, and they are in many people’s ears.

By the way, where are those Levites? How often do we hear about them? – Mostly never, I guess. And this is the bottom line! This is their trick or wisdom, but who knows. In any case, they do exist, though.

Now, my dear readers, would you believe that a small community of people exists on the Earth, possesses and wields comparatively a huge amount of esoteric knowledge in respect to the rest of the people living on our planet. They have acquired skills and habits of practical influences upon the human masses throughout thousands of years.

Can any institution in any country, which is in charge of all kinds of mundane problems related to state development or an ideology formation, compete with the former ones, in deed?

It’s utterly impossible, believe me, because of many reasons in a row. Nevertheless, the most important reasons are the following. First of all, the Levites, in order, have passed on to their offsprings the legacy of esoteric knowledge in abundance. Whereas the modern science keeps rejecting an existence of this kind of knowledge. Hence the scientists don’t investigate this branch of knowledge properly.

Therefore we are to face such kind of an absurd situation, which doesn’t exist just accidentally. It looks pretty much like a planed and regulated synchronicity. Why do I classify it as an “absurd” one? – Think to yourselves, folks.

On one side of the scales is a country, which officially recognizes some religions, and it’s a kind of an esoteric approach to the issue. For it is a certain kind of perspective, you know. Furthermore, the country in issue creates even a welfare state system, promoting the material stability for the communities, to manifest its policy of tolerance. While on the other side, - the country doesn’t provide its science with any facilities for investigation and proper study the hidden esoteric trends and tendencies. Hence, ostensibly, some kind of structure, capable of influencing people’s psyche has been legalized in this very country. However, a mundane government has a rather nebulous idea of it could turn out to become in our reality. Verily, who in the world really rules, and who is ruled?

The second issue in our line is why not a government alongside of all intelligent people in the country try to learn lessons from the world history? In fact, a history is a wonderful textbook for our School of Life. In this particular case it’s good to learn this very subject to perfection, though. As a matter of fact, those who are ruling the world, to your records, do know it perfectly well. However, for the vast majority of people, including worldly governments, the history of their own countries is practically unknown. Moreover, most of the time it is greatly distorted. In this very case Russia is a perfect example of it.


Just recently, they were doing their best to convince us in every possible way that our grandparents used to live a horrible life in Czarist Russia. We were learning about it from the children’s literature, then at kindergartens, schools, collages, further on from we came to appreciation of what we had gained in our life from works of art and mostly from broad range of literature master pieces. Moreover, most of the time the vast majority of us did believe everything sincerely, holding it sacred. To add to all of it, we were not only giving a lot of credence to that, we also admired, getting thrilled with those heroes, who had led us out of those horrible times of oppression and violation of human rights. The Bolshevik commissars, wearing leather jackets, became real heroes and idols for many of us to follow. On the other hand all clergymen were recognized as a symbol of obscurity.

Then in the twinkling of an eye, right before our eyes, I’d like to stress it, as it’s even more surprising that it didn’t take a couple of decades or centuries, but right before our very eyes, - bung! Our history has changed for better or worse! Hey, you never know!

Our adorable, legendary commissars in leather jackets turned into really disgusting bandits who had committed a terrible genocide over our folks. It turned out that after the Czarism we had been subjugated by the most horrible totalitarian regime the world history has ever known. Strictly speaking after the revolution we were hopelessly stuck, as the saying runs, “Out of the frying-pan into the fire.” And again the great majority of our people got delighted with those who had liberated, delivering us from an evil, this time it was a totalitarian yoke. What a blessing again! I am telling you, the things keep going from bad to worse.

Anyhow, I am not going to try your patience any more. It’s not my business to estimate what kind of regime better or worse. It isn’t, actually, at our issue right now. The greatest wish of mine is that all of us should think over the phenomenon of an abrupt changing of our consciousness, to be more precise, its polar shifting within an extremely short period of time. Have you ever stopped for a while to think why it changes this way?

Do these changes take place just by themselves, or unless under a conspicuous influence, which we take as our fate or God’s will?

Nevertheless, it turns out to become so obvious: since long ago our consciousness has been influenced by somebody with great ease. We are just like guinea pigs in somebody’s vicious hands.

Only those who have mastered the science of influence can compete with each other. They deprive us of our ability to sense the historical reality.

However, let’s try to find out, at least, what does this reality look like. Let’s try to determine the historical reality not through somebody’s words, vision or view point, but by using our own ability, if it’s still available, to think and contemplate.

Will you pay attention to the fact, please, that almost every day we are suggested to watch numerous TV shows about skillful and thrilling affairs of both husbands and wives, who are unfaithful to one another. Daily we are bombarded with negative information through numerous channels. They are selling us all kinds of printed, audile and visual bunches of somebody’s inessential problems just to disturb our mind, filling it with fears and depression.

However, if once in a while, God forbids, some politicians, journalists or writers try to touch a serious topic, which may be highlighted for a while, instantly it gets lost right away in the flooding mass of rumors, killings, acts of violence, accidents, abuse, trickery and psychotropic commercials.

A close analysis of our past is required as well as a critical analysis of people’s state of life on the planet Earth alongside with a thorough work over the future plan. A new ideology is on the agenda, which doesn’t knock the whole nations’ heads together, but unites them.

Although, if somebody repeats a thousand times “It’s necessary to do, folks,” even though one screams it out at the top of his voice a thousand times in a row, it won’t appear. Likewise, if all the world’s leading scientists come together to work it out, nothing is going to happen, but everlasting arguing. If only the scientific world could produce such kind of ideology, they would have suggested it within a range of at least one single country. Alas!

On the other side, - here is Anastasia. It doesn’t really matter who she is. There are more important things right now.

On the background of the endless bacchanalia in our present-day life Anastasia has brought a precious gift to our world, the idea of a FAMILY ESTATE. It is quite obvious right now that she has expressed in simple words a whole PHILOSOPHY, a NEW IDEOLODY, which has been always present, staying steadfastly in people’s hearts since THE GREAT CREATION.

An emperor and a beggar, a Christian and a Jew, a Muslim and a Shintoist, an American or a Chinese can find a real peace of mind, being filled with Bliss only close to Nature, in the Divine Domain of Mother Nature, God’s Creation.

ANASTASIA’s Philosophy is the one, which unifies, not just in words putting together the interests and strivings of all Earthly Peoples. Life has already proved the real value of her Philosophy. For it is turning out to be recognized by the people of different creeds and nationalities, including the Jewish people. By the way I have sufficient documentary proofs at my disposal, which can attest to my statements.

That’s why I suggest a wide range discussion of her ideas, her philosophical aspirations to the Jewish analysts and the Christians alongside with various patriotic movement ideologists, likewise both leaders and regular members of large and small confessions. For such kind of a discussion itself is already a great creative process, which can unite the opposites. It can also lead to “The mutual creation and joy for everybody from watching it,” the way GOD has always wished it.

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