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Diskussionsforum zum Buch Anastasia von Wladimir Megre


Posted By: Larisa Malgosheva-Bartone / Andreas <Larisa7777@aol.com>
Date: 23 Mai 2002



FAMILY BOOK, Book VI of the series


By Vladimir Megre

On coming back home after my visit to Anastasia and getting ready to send this book to my publisher I was still in a quandary: whether to include into my manuscript all of her assertions.

When Anastasiya was speaking about the wonderful future of Russia which could be attained through proper arrangement of family estates, everything in her wording was so lucid. The readers have supported her ideas. For people have started to act accordingly.

In WHO ARE WE?, book V of the series, while being very much exited, Anastasiya called Jesus Christ her elder brother. So I have put her words to paper and as a result of it some of my readers, mainly Christian believers, have started to express their discontent.

In CREATION, book IV of the series, I’ve put to paper her categorical statement which she had uttered, while answering my question if any of the living religious authorities could prove her assertions, that the Roman Catholic pope John II could be of help to her. And again it has inevitably caused a lot of doubts on the part of some of our Catholic readers.

Such kinds of allegations have caused me everlasting doubts:
whether it was worthy of putting to paper all of Anastasiya’s non-ordinary assertions and behavior; whether they would do any good or harm; wouldn’t some readers start casting doubts on the explicit, essential ideas of our society’s reconstruction, by improving every individual family’s well being and way of life? And who would not doubt on hearing such an allegation as, “I am Jesus’ sister ,” or else, “the Bishop of Rome, the pontiff himself, John II will help me.”

If one peruses the entire Holy Scripture, he would fail to find a casual reference to the fact that Jesus had brothers or sisters.

Yet, on the spur of the moment an event happened which could be

classified as a super sensational one, which was pertaining to Anastasiya’s non-ordinary assertions. All of that has made me ponder over Man’s
capabilities. Here is what had happened.

Instantly I got the message that the Vatican had promulgated the information which speaks about two sisters of Jesus the Christ. One thing I could not make out whether they were his own or cousins… This announce-ment came to me when I was in my apartment all by myself taking care of some casual things.

Therefore right now I can’t tell you for sure whether it came over the TV or radio as both of them at that time were on. I guess it was on TV news. However it does not make any difference.

Ever since that event any time I sat down at my desk to work and as it would happen that somehow the notes containing Anastasiya’s non ordinary statements would appear right in my hands, precisely those ones which I had made up my mind not to exclude from this book. At that point I was not sure whether my previous decision had been right. Among the rest of her statements there was the following one:
“George Bush, the USA president is going to save his country from a terrible catastrophe just by a casual, yet non ordinary, act, and at the same time guarding the world against a war of unprecedented destructive calamity for everything earthly.”

Now, taking into consideration the recent events, which have taken place in America on Sept. 11, the terrorist attack and ultimately followed military activities in Afghanistan started by the USA, Anastasiya’s statement contradicts reality. Although, on analyzing the whole information available on different TV channels and press my opinion has been getting more and more confirmed. The Sept. 11 horrifying events should open access to a clandestine mystery, which somebody is trying to keep surreptitious from the people of the Earth. The Truth about it will prevent global terrorist acts on a large scale. By revealing this secret all unfathomable mishaps could be stopped. I kept reading Anastasiya’s non ordinary statements again and again becoming more and more aware. For I had a deep sense of foreboding something would be revealed. Here is what has become so evident to me, my friends.

On September 11, 2001 a series of terrorist acts on a large scale took
place in America. Some civilian airplanes with passengers on board, directed
and controlled by somebody, had started from New York airports, instantly changing their scheduled routes. Then these airplanes started one by one to
crash into certain targets: the Trade Center and Pentagon. All other hijacked planes were to hit different strategic objects of the country.

People all over the world could hear about those incomprehensible
events. They could watch repeatedly on all TV channels the terrifying pictures of the devastating destruction. Soon after that the world knew the name of the main perpetrator of the unprecedented crime, the name of Osama Bin Laden and his organization. Later on the USA president and his government, being supported and encouraged by a number of European countries including Russia, started bombing Afghanistan. For according to reliable information, the headquarters of the terrorists was located there.

Well, what’s new? Where is the secret being instilled? Everything is evident and plain. All kinds of video tapes containing the events and the consequence of those acts as well as the developing procedure of antiterrorist military operations have been presented to the general public in numerous daily news and reports.

Well, the secret dwells in the absolute absence or concealment of the cause of the terrorist attacks in the complete absence of any evident logic in their actions, namely (not the executors themselves) their leaders.

The clandestine nature of the events lies in the fact that the world press doesn’t even make any efforts to analyze meaningfully the cause of those events. It looks as though all the mass media had a strict order not to bring any light to this issue. They just merely show us diurnal reports of the blunt facts. The everlasting repetition of those facts makes them sound and look casual and hackneyed just like daily news about auto-accidents on highways.

According to the reports presented by the world mass media the following picture seems to become evident: an extremely rich terrorist, according to universally recognized facts, Osama Bin Laden had planned and, through his well trained executors, has committed a series of sound terrorist acts. Alongside a great number of victims those unprecedented events have affected people all over the world.

Well, what has the chief organizer of those acts ultimately achieved?
A certain part of world society on the governmental levels has joined its efforts against him. They directed the best modern technical means, likewise well


trained military detachments meant for the chief organizer’s captivity and destruction.

According to the well-recognized version, the number one terrorist is
hiding himself somewhere in the mountain caves of Afghanistan. Aircrafts are bombing these mountains, likewise the Taliban troops who are believed to support this number one criminal.

The leading countries of the world under the leadership of the USA are planning to put an end to all kinds of terrorist organizations wherever their camps exist.

Could the one who is at the head of all these terrorist acts fail to foresee a developing events’ variant like that one? I dare to say, my dear readers, that it would be a great nonsense. As it goes without saying that he had taken this kind of course of events into consideration.

I bet it was no job at all to forecast this very course of events for a person who had managed to stay surreptitious so successfully for a long time from the secret services. Being capable of programming with his analytical mind putting into reality such criminal acts, definitely, he is able to analyze everything very scrupulously.

If my assumption is true then it turns out that on one hand he is a resourceful strategist and tactician, the shrewdest analyst, while on the other hand, he is an absolute fake. For it appears that he has drawn destruction upon himself and his organization. Moreover, he has caused destruction to all other terrorist organizations which had nothing to do with his project.

The situation is illogical. Yet it also means that the world community
actions aimed at fighting terrorism could be ineffective. Furthermore, in the long run it could become even dangerous. The logic speaks for itself that the main organizer of these acts remains beyond any suspicion.

Anyway, one thing becomes obvious: the facts suggested by the mass media make the whole story panoramic picture develop so conspicuously.

Like many other people, at the beginning I did not pay any attention to it, but here am I. The calamity in the USA has instantly brought to my memory Anastasia’s several statements which, as I’ve mentioned before, I was not planning to bring to the public. For because of their extraordinariness I had
chosen to stay on the safe side. Nevertheless, at this very point of our world’s history Anastasiya’s former statements have explained a lot. Although, to be
absolutely honest with you, I should acknowledge that it has taken quite some time for me to get this awareness.

Here is one of Anastasiya’s statements:
“As far back as the time of Egyptian pharaohs the rulers of small and large states of the world have always belonged to the people mostly deprived of freedom. Most of their time they would spend within an artificial infor-
mation field. They have to follow all kinds of conventional laws, rituals and rules of behavior. They are continuously being bombarded by a grand scope of a tediously monotonous flow of information. However, the time factor does not let them analyze or ponder over it. Any transition of a state ruler from this artificial information circle to a natural one even for a short period of time, two or three days, is very dangerous for the priests of different levels. Likewise it is dangerous for a ruler’s temporal competitors.

The reason why it is so dangerous lies in the fact that the ruler may start to analyze, processing the information on his own, and by doing it he can get rid of all kinds of occult influences. Eventually by gaining his own freedom he may liberate the people of his country.

The natural information field is Mother Nature itself: the landscape, sounds and fragrances. The surroundings of his own estate, the place where its flora and fauna treat Man with love, may protect him from any occult influence.”

When I was sitting at my desk made of Siberian cedar – Anastasiya’s present, thinking about that very revelation, it did not sound strange to me any more.

Really, folks, look what is happening, for instance, with our Russian President. He is involved in endless meetings: now with the leaders of foreign states, then with all kinds of officials of our own country. Bear in mind, please, that they don’t meet just for a cup of tea or coffee. All of them come
with different problems to be solved, as they believe, without delay. Or let’s cast a look at the press. As soon as any non-ordinary event takes place within the country they rush to get an immediate response from the President:

“What is our President’s reaction? How does he respond?” Or even

worse: “Why hasn’t the President gone to the area of a certain disaster or?”
Who cares whether it is good for the president or not? When is he supposed to take time for a peaceful meditation, for proper processing of the incoming information, I wonder? Whatever is going to happen people would start demanding: “We need immediate access to our President!” Such kind of attitude has become habitual everywhere. And what would happen if the tradition were quite opposite? Why should the President of a state rush anywhere as if he were a fireman? The bottom line is that he should not waste his time on trivial meetings or receptions as he is at the head of a state.

He should be provided with an opportunity to stay all by himself in his own garden, watching the events happening in his country and beyond. This way he might analyze the incoming information. And only once in a while he should make some wise decisions beneficial for his country and people. Who knows, maybe in that case people would enjoy a better life they are dreaming of. “What the heck is he talking about?” many folks, ostensibly, are thinking to themselves right now, just the way I did at the beginning. Are you sure that it is nonsense? Do you think it absolutely normal depriving Man of thinking on his own?

Maybe it is advantageous to somebody when the presidents of different countries of our world would think as less as possible…

Just think about it! If we leave him alone and stop pushing him,
if we give him an opportunity, at least for a while, to get out of the realm of this artificial information field, what is going to happen?

Instantly these thoughts provoked a kind of electric current within me, which ran throughout my body. Even my desk turned warm. I was struck by an amazing guess. Being excited so much, I don’t even know why, I grasped the telephone receiver, and without dialing any number (you know, Anastasiya doesn’t have a telephone in the taiga) screamed at the top of my voice, “Anastasiya!”

The telephone receiver did not produce a regular buzzing sound. In an instant I heard very distinctly her familiar voice, the one which could be distinguished from all voices in the world. Anastasiya’s calm and lucid voice answered me:

“Hello, Vladimir. Calm down. Try not to be so excited in the future. Now you can see what kind of unnatural actions can provoke an excessive
agitation. I am not going to talk to you on the phone. Calm down, please. Stand up, get outside in the open air, and go to the grove which is near your house.”

I heard a buzzing sound in the receiver and put it down.

“Isn’t it something,” I thought to myself, “I was so excited. I wonder, was Anastasiya really speaking to me or just my imagination, as I had been overexcited. Really, I guess, I need to go outside, in the open air, relax and calm myself down.”

So, I got dressed and went out for a walk to the grove which was right behind the house I lived in. As I went deeper into it I saw … Anastasiya who was standing under a pine tree a bit away from the path. She was smiling at me. I did not even pay attention to her non-ordinary appearance. I started to speak to her right away.


“Anastasiya, I’ve got it. I’ve analyzed, putting different perspectives to your statements; moreover, the latest events in America have corresponded to them too. Now everything has become so lucid… Please, listen and watch me, if I am wrong just help me. All right?

So, the series of the terrorist acts, which took place in America on the 11th of September, was not completed. For those who were in charge had been planning something more significant. Am I right? Tell me ‘yes’ or ‘no’? Sure, there is no doubt in it! You know it is difficult for me to delve into details. Can you help me by detailing it?”

“Yes, Vladimir, sure I can.”

“So, do it, Anastasiya. Will you?”
“The chief organizer had planned to put into function in consecutive order six terrorist groups. Each of them was to act on its own at a fixed time. They knew nothing about each other’s existence and functions. The leaders of those groups also had not the slightest idea about the main organizer as well as the ultimate goal of the operation. Each group contained religious fanatics who were ready to sacrifice their lives. And only one group consisted merely of mercenaries who had agreed to
commit evil deeds being motivated by a selfish desire for money.

The first group was to take hold of all civilian airplanes had to be in the air at the same time, over the country: all those which were to take off from the airdromes, likewise those approaching the country and getting ready to land. According to the general plan all captured airplanes were to be directed to the country’s most important strategic targets.

Six days before that one of the groups was to pollute water in the water supply system of the twenty largest hotels of the USA. A special way of poisoning water had been invented which would make it absolutely impossible to detect the source of pollution as well as the location of a criminal-executor.

A criminal-executor was supposed to stay at a room of a large hotel. His task was to put a special device on a faucet with cold water and open it. Water would not run out of it. On the contrary, the pressure of air would push into the water supply system the death-dealing powder. After that the tap was to be closed and the following morning the terrorist was to move to a hotel in another city.

As soon as the bacteria are in the water system they would stick to the walls of the pipes, getting excessively inflated. Eventually they would have to multiply, flowing down the pipes. Within a twelve days’ period their amount could enlarge greatly. These bacteria do not grow in the media of a natural reservoir as they would be destroyed by other bacteria. However, inside a water-pipe system such balancing doesn’t take place. Man has deprived water of many natural, essential qualities and properties.

In the morning when water distribution is on a large scale as people are getting washed, the water flow would bring down a certain amount of those bacteria, hence the polluted water eventually would start running through the faucets. At the beginning people would feel nothing at all. However, in eight or twelve days they would notice ulcers start to appear on their skin. They would spread more and more in no time at all. They would enlarge discharging pus. The disease is infectious and it is not easily treatable. Yet for the terrorists the antidote was available. The infected people were assumed to appear in many countries of the world.

However, soon people would have to realize that the sick had stayed at different American hotels. This fact was supposed to become evident only after the airplane crashes.


I feel very bad speaking about all those evil things. The reason for
all of those terrorist acts was to create terror and panic.

It was supposed that many people would start to leave the USA trying to transfer their money to the bands of the countries not involved into this mess and therefore more safe to live in. However, not many countries would agree to receive the refugees from the USA.
As people were believed to be terrified and overwhelmed by the fear since even the happiest and the most powerful country in the world had failed to resist that force they would…”

“Anastasiya, will you stop, please. Let me try on my own. After that they, I mean the main organizers, would reveal themselves. They would come forward through some kind of go-between with their demands.”

“Exactly, Vladimir.”

“Nevertheless, they have failed to accomplish all terrorist acts they had planned. As they have not managed to intimidate the Americans completely. They have failed to accomplish everything just because they had to start long before all the necessary preparations had been completed. That was the reason why everything has turned out to become illogical.
On one hand the terrorist acts are available, on the other hand there are no demands. It has not worked out as they had been messed up. My conjecture is that I know the reason why. The chief organizers, who are at the acme, are among the living priests. They had been knocked down and frightened by G. Bush’s actions. Hence they had started prematurely. If it had been acted properly we may have had a different situation on Sept. 11. Am I right?”

“Yes, Vladimir, actually they …”

“Just a minute, Anastasiya. I am sorry, but I need to perceive everything by myself. Please, be patient with me. I would like to perceive everything on my own. I guess it’s high time for me to do it. At this point it is extremely important for me. You know, because if I can, then the rest of the people will be able to perceive the reality we are facing now. This way, I hope, everyone would realize what exactly is necessary to do to straighten our lives.”


“You are right, Vladimir, since you have managed to perceive it, everybody will be able to do it. Sooner or later people will start to build
their life in a wonderful reality. Please, cool down. Don’t get excited so much.”

“I am fine. Don’t worry. However, it is hard to stay cool while talking about it. Well, still it’s incredible. Look at G. Bush, the American President. He had messed up all those know-it-all guys. I can imagine how terrified they were when G. Bush all of a sudden had left for his ranch in Texas. Nobody could expect him to do it. Really having been inaugurated only half a year ago he had left the White House for a month’s vacation. Yet, just pay attention to the fact that he did not go to a fancy place. Nay, he went to his family estate, to his ranch which is an ordinary house. It is not a palace or an extravagant castle. Even a private president telephone line is not available there, just a regular one. Moreover, the ranch is deprived of a satellite antenna, and it means that Mr. President did not have access to many TV channels. By the way, many journalist-commentators mentioned it in their reports. Nevertheless, nobody has ever grasped the real meaning of those facts.

I know about G. Bush’s staying at his ranch from Internet news reports. It was just mentioned as fact. However some of the reporters did not hide their surprises as Mr. President’s “early vacation” for such a long period of time was an unprecedented event. He was staying at his ranch for twenty-six days. To add to it, the journalists and reporters were not allowed, likewise all kinds of officials were not welcomed there.

Nobody has realized the essence, not even a slightest hint of it.

G. Bush, the President of the USA has done an unprecedented feat of valor.

None of the American Presidents since the country exists has ever tried to do something like that.
And generally speaking, who knows, ostensibly no one of the well known rulers through the last five or ten thousand years of the world history had ever accomplished something like that.”

“You are right, Vladimir. Nobody had.”

“The greatness lies in the fact that for the first time in the history of the humankind a ruler of a large country, the most significant country of our world now-a-days, all of a sudden had managed to get out of the reach of the artificial
information field. And it has happened to horrify the world priests of all ranks. For G. Bush had just moved out of it nicely and easily. This way he had protected himself and his country from the occult influence. Now I’ve got it: they are keeping all rulers and leaders under strict control. They are always on the alert watching carefully their everyday dictum as well as their voice modulations and facial expressions. Every step is under severe control, it is being directed, coordinated and corrected by the tossing of all kinds of information to the people in power. And look at G. Bush! What he did! He had just put himself out of their reach. They were horrified and messed up. As they were trying hard to get to him by occult ways.

Do you remember, Anastasiya, once you have told me about the possibility of dictating at a distance by verbalizing something? You have told me that Mother Nature together with its flora and fauna is a Natural World. And It doesn’t allow all kinds of occult influences to reach Man. It can protect Man as soon as he is in touch with natural surroundings. Furthermore, Man is able to create a protection field for himself.”

“Absolutely,” was Anastasiya’s answer.

“Although, there is no doubt that G. Bush did not create the vegetation at his ranch, I mean he did not plant it himself. Nevertheless, he himself had chosen the plot. It is evident that he has been treating it with love. One can tell. There is a lot of evidence to prove it. And there is no doubt that the natural surroundings have responded to his affection. It has returned his love. It has become protective for him just the way the vegetation of a family estate would do.

Tell me, Anastasiya, is it possible? Can it happen when a person doesn’t plant, yet the environment responds?”

“Yes, Vladimir, it is possible. Sometimes it responds if Man treats the surroundings with sincere love. In this very case with Gorge Bush that’s exactly what has happened.”

“That’s exactly what I have realized. The President was staying at his ranch. Everybody believed that he was out of reach of the information field.

However, what really happened, the flow of the artificial world information had been reduced greatly. Meanwhile the flow of the natural information from the environmental world had increased tremendously. The President was receiving it through the rustling leaves, water splashing, birds’ singing and the wind’s breath while he himself was contemplating. He was analyzing! He was thinking!

That very fact everybody is trying to neglect. Moreover, they are trying to expunge it by avoiding mentioning it. Evidently they will try to switch over by shifting it into a different gear. However they will fail to do it! All the same, it will go into the world history in the millennia to come. Anastasia, I’ve perceived it!

It is possible to babble a lot producing sophisticated speeches, composing numerous embellished poems and songs, just like the biblical king Solomon did. Yet, on the other hand one can behave differently just the way
G. Bush has done! And by doing it one can declare to the world:

‘Look, people, I am rich. I am enjoying the supreme power over the most powerful country in the modern world. Nevertheless, all of it is of less importance for Man’s essence. As there is much more to it. A Human Soul, Its Divine Essence doesn’t need it. It goes with something else. It likes the Natural World created by GOD, but not an artificial one. My ranch pleases my Soul more than gold and the technocratic world’s achievements. That’s why I go to my ranch. Think about it, people of the world and contemplate over your life strivings!’

The USA President has created the best and the most powerful and convincing advertisement of a family estate you, have spoken about, Anastasia. The future Russian family estates are going to become a paragon for all people on the Earth. After all, if people fail to understand what is what, then human-kind is really dormant. Or, perhaps, almost of them have been mesmerized by somebody.

That’s why they are suffering, getting sick, using drugs, waging senseless wars and killing each other. If humankind is still going to stay in this hypnotic state of consciousness after all your efforts, Anastasia, and

G. Bush’s exemplary act, then nothing else is left for us but a global catastrophe or the long predicted Armageddon.

G. Bush is a President. He is one of the most informed persons in our technocratic world, for he has access to different information services. He is being provided with excessive information by all kinds of analytical institutions. Yet, he is in touch with the information of the Natural World. He is capable of comparing and analyzing on his own. Actually he has proved it.

Oh, just a minute! Wait! Here is another incredible coincidence, or, I would say, a whole bunch of occurrences, if it possible to call them that.

You know, Anastasia, whatever you say sooner or later comes true… I remember you have told me that the Russian President would promulgate a law on land providing every Russian family with one hectare of land.

On February 21, 2001 on all Russian TV channels in the daily news programs was the report of the State Council session under the chairmanship of V. V. Putin, the Russian President. Land was one of the items under discussion at the session as well as the subject of private property on land, including arable land. The opinions of the governors present at the session differed. The majority of the regional leaders and members of the State Council were inclined to provide the Russians with the right of private property on land.

Referring to the Russian President’s remarks and speech it is evident that he is supporting the idea of providing people with land as their legitimate property. Eventually could be turned into a legacy. Moreover, it was he who had presented the issue on land before the State Council for discussion.

The final conclusion reads as follows:

‘The government has been imputed to get ready with a draft of new land laws by May, 2002 which should be presented for consideration of the State Duma.’

It goes without saying that the issue under discussion was the selling and buying of land for family estates excluding arable lands. Nevertheless, one can feel that at any rate it was a step forward,” I concluded my presentation to Anastasiya.

Then I asked Anastasiya, “Can you tell me now is it a chain of coincidences or is it you who has influenced these people? Will you tell me

‘yes’ or ‘no’? Can you also send your voice commands? Well, I guess there is no need to ask as it goes without saying. Definitely, you can and you do! Do you speak to them?”

“You know, Vladimir, I have spoken to nobody at a distance but you. It has happened only today when I was speaking with you on the phone, but not at a distance as you had assumed. Moreover, I would never use an opportunity of a forcible influence on somebody.”

“Still you did once. Do you remember, when in Moscow I could hear you talking to me. I could hear distinctly your voice, Anastasia. You were far away, and yet your voice was sounding.”

“Don’t you remember, Vladimir, that at that time my granddaddy was near you. Many people are capable of catching thoughts existing in space. It is a natural aptitude of Man. Long ago all people had this ability and there is nothing wrong in it. As no constrain is available here. Any person is able to touch another one by his/ her Thought-Beam at a distance. And by doing it he/ she can warm and comfort that person, stimulating his/ her process of thinking.

Every Man has a Thought-Beam, though their power differs.”

“Yet, your Beam of Light is very powerful. Did you try to touch people with it?”

“Yes, I did. But I am not going to tell you their names. Is it all right?”

“But why?”

“My Beam’s touch was not of a primary importance for those people. The bottom line in their cases is their ability to feel and perceive reality.”

“All right. It’s up to you. Only … Do you know what idea has crossed my mind? It’s amazing! You can warm and comfort with your beam at a distance, yet you can even burn down anything you choose to, can’t you? You can turn anything into dust or stone. Once you have demonstrated your ability to me, haven’t you? So, why not burn down those who are preparing all these terrorist acts. Burn down these priests and in general all these riff-raffs. Haven’t you said, I do remember it, I’ve put it to paper:

‘Within a moment I’ll burn down the darkness of the age-old postulates. Don’t stand in-between God and people …,’ and so on. Do you remember these words, your words, Anastasiya?”

“Yes, I do remember them.”

“Well, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you burn them down then? See, you have said it!”

“Vladimir, I was speaking about postulates. It’s another pair of shoes.
But I would never, ever dare to burn down people with my little beam of light.”

“How come? Not even the main organizers of these terrible terrorist acts?”

“Not even them.”

“But why?”

“Think to yourself. What are you talking about, Vladimir?!”

“What is it to think about? It is obvious to everyone. The organizers of all those terrible things and their supporters ought to be destroyed without delay and there is not a slightest doubt on this account. For this very purpose the armed forces of different countries have been mobilized, all kinds of special services are involved. People are perishing.”

“And all their efforts are in vain. They will not manage to find and destroy the real organizers. Therefore this is a wrong way to put an end to terrorism.”

“Well, you see, since you are able to compute and burn down within a moment the main organizers together with their accomplices, just do it! Burn them down!”

Vladimir, can you ponder over it quietly? Moreover, can you define who are their accomplices, and how many of them?”

“Why not? Sure, it’s possible to think about it. Although, I really doubt I would be able to define. If you know, why wouldn’t you tell me their names?”

“Fine. You, Vladimir, your neighbors, friends, acquaintances are also among them.”
“What? What are you talking about, Anastasia? I am absolutely positive

that my friends and me have nothing to do with these terrorists together with their accomplices. It goes without saying. No way.”

“The way of life the great majority of people live is the soil where
terrorism grows, including maladies and all kinds of cataclysms. Aren’t they, who are working at the factories, producing machineguns and bullets,
accomplices of killing?”

“Well, maybe, at this point you are right. Those who produce weapons are indirectly encouraging violence and destruction. Why have you mentioned to me. I don’t work there where the weapon is getting produced, and you know about it perfectly well.”

“Yet, you are smoking, Vladimir.”

“Well, I am. Why? What has my smoking to do with it?”

“Smoking is deleterious to your health, hence you are terrorizing your body.”
“Well, it’s my body … It is not the issue of our discussion. Come on, Anastasia.”

“Why should we speak about something else. Let everybody analyze carefully his way of life, especially those who live in the cities. Don’t those, who are driving their vehicles, know that their vehicles pollute air with death-dealing gases? Don’t those who are living in large buildings divided into many apartments know that it is harmful and dangerous for them to live there? For the life arrangement of large cities is destined for Man’s destruction. It is meant to cause Man’s disorientation relatively to the natural environment. A great deal of people who are living this kind of life are the terrorists’ accomplices.”

“Well, let’s assume that to some extent you are right. Nevertheless, right now the awareness of many people has started to grow and they are full of determination to change their way of life. Why don’t you help people by burning down the chief organizers of the terrorism with your powerful beam of light?”

“You know, Vladimir, in order to accomplish your request it would be necessary to direct through my little beam a great amount of malicious energy capable of destroying Man.”

“And what of it? So, do it! As long as this Man is the main organizer of all terroristic acts of violence.”

“I understand your intention. But before sending any malicious energy to somebody else, I need to concentrate myself on producing a tremendous amount of this kind of energy within me. Then it may happen that this kind of
energy would instill itself within me or else get allocated partially within others. Even though the supreme priest’s having been destroyed by me, yet his program would continue its action. While the evil would find another priest who, and I should say it is very plausible, is going to become even stronger than the destroyed one. Try to realize, Vladimir, that terrorism and destruction have been existing for thousands of years.

In Egypt a Pharaoh was poisoned by priests only because he had made an attempt to resist them. Not long ago, when the tomb was discovered by the scientists, they determined that Tutankhamen (1370 – 1352 B. C.) was only eighteen.

You know about the war of priests from the Bible, don’t you? Will you recall what the Old Testament tells about it? Prior to the Jews leaving Egypt, the priests had been arguing. Moses, the priest had asked unlimited power over the Jewish people. Whereas the other priests did not want to meet his request. After that the locusts destroyed the crops in Egypt. Later on, the calamity caused by the death of children happened. Soon all kinds of diseases attacked people alongside the cattle. Finally the pharaoh let the Jews go. The people of Egypt were so horrified by all those disasters that they would willingly give the Jews their own cattle, weapons, gold and silver just to get rid of the troublesome people.

The Old Testament also says that GOD had done all those deeds in Egypt.

Do you believe it? Are such deeds possible from GOD?

The priests of Egypt were responsible for all those surreptitious deeds.
They had created all those terrorist acts while fighting for power. Then they accused GOD of all the evil things caused by their own actions.

Now, Vladimir, will you bring to your memory how Jesus Christ was crucified on a cross? Who was by his side on the nearby crosses? – Robbers!
The New Testament goes like that. And all of it happened only about two thousand years ago. However, at that time all kinds of crimes and robberies

used to happen amidst people. The robbers were executed. And what was the result? Did it help? The robberies still keep happening till now. Moreover, their copious number is increasing with each coming day. And do you know why? Since people are living in the vanity of vanities, bustling through their misery, they have not realized yet that one can’t overcome evil by fighting it back. This why it is wrong as the evil would spread, growing even more. The root of evil is in malicious thoughts and feelings. That’s why, Vladimir, I can’t respond to evil with evil.”

“Your ‘can’t’ means that you don’t want to. Well, at this point it doesn’t matter. Anastasiya, when you speak your argument sounds like this one: ‘within centuries humankind has failed to overcome gangsterism.’ Ostensibly the methods to fight it were wrong.

Nevertheless, when one is watching the everyday events nothing good comes to his mind, but to suppress the terrorists with military power. This looks like the only possible choice to do. Now-a-days one can often hear this phrase, ‘religious extremism’. Have you ever heard it, Anastasiya?”

“Yes, I have.”

“They also say that the Islamic religious extremism is the strongest of all. That’s what they say.”

“Yes, it is.”

“What is necessary to do then? As far as I know, they also would say that the Islamic religion is spreading faster then the rest of them. Among my friends there are also the Moslems, and they are very nice people, you know. However, on the other hand, the extremists are also the Moslems. And they are committing these terrorist acts on a great scale. Well, which is the right way to stop them? Is there an alternative to military forces?”

“First of all, it is necessary to stop lying.”
“Whom not to lie to?”
“To yourselves.”
“What do you mean?”

“Well, Vladimir, you have heard about the Islamic religious extremism. Now many people are called ‘terrorists’. You are not the only one who knows it. The message is being spread, getting amplified. It’s not a big deal to suggest this kind of an idea to many people, since these terrorist acts are really taking

place. And it is true that the Moslems are involved in them.

But while they are speaking about Islamic terrorism, yet another

weighty argument has been suppressed.”

“Which one?”

“Those whom they call ‘extremists’ and ‘terrorists’, believe that namely they are trying to stop terror, saving their folks from the disaster which is threatening them, coming from the West. And, believe me, their argumentation is weighty. They do believe that they are saving the world from the plague, the Non-Islamic world.”

“You’ve told that they have weighty argumentation. So far as their argumentation is concerned I’ve heard nothing. Will you speak about it?”

“Sure, Vladimir, I shall. And you try to figure out and decide who is right and who is wrong of the two fighting sides. Now listen to the way the story goes.
The Moslem spiritual leaders when communicating to their congre-
gation sound approximately as follows:

‘Look, people of the right creed, look what the unfaithful are bringing into our world. The Western world has indulged in lechery and fornication. They are trying to infect our children with their fearful diseases. The warriors of Allah must stop the invasion of the unfaithful.”

“I say, Anastasia, those are just words, and what is their argumentation?”

“They bring the facts which are capable of proving that in the Non Moslem countries of the West lechery, prostitution and homosexuality are prospering, as well as all kinds of violence. With each coming day people are taking more and more drugs. They can’t stop the terrible diseases like AIDs, for instance, and alcoholism.”

“And what about them? Don’t they, I mean the Islamic countries, have all these things?”

“You know, Vladimir, in the Islamic world, in the Moslem countries there are fewer smokers and drunkards. They have immeasurably less
percentage of those who are affected with AIDs. The childbirth rate is not dropping relative to other countries. The adultery rate is also much lower.”

“It looks as though both sides are fighting for their just causes, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, it does, Vladimir.”

“And what is ahead? What is eventually going to happen?”

“The priests are of the opinion that they have done everything possible
to start a war on a large scale. The countries of the West have united. The Christian countries have unanimously joined their forces against the Islamic world. Eventually the Moslem countries are going to unite too. However, the balance of forces of the opposing sides will be unequal. For the Moslems don’t have at their disposal the more advanced weapons the Western world has. Therefore while watching how their co-religionists are perishing they will start training thousands of new terrorists to force the Western world to stop. It is going to be a kind of guerrilla warfare. And this war is going to start. Nevertheless, it will be stopped. They will not let it develop at large.”

“Who are THEY?”

“YOUR READERS, Vladimir. A new type of world outlook has been developing in them, different from that one which reigned lately, for thousands of years. Right now in their dreams they are creating the world anew. When the dreams start coming true, all kinds of wars and maladies will be stepping back.”

“Do you believe it is going to happen as soon as people start creating their family estates? What have they to do with the all these conflicts and religious confrontations the world over, Anastasia?”

“The GOOD WORD, a good news about it will be spread throughout the world. PEOPLE OF THE EARTH will recover from their circumscribed view. They are going to heal their age-old myopia. They will wake up from a millennial sleep, a hypnotic captivity. They will change their way of life and start building THE DIVINE WORLD with inspiration all over the Earth.”

“Certainly, Anastasia, if something like that starts happening, and what’s more, ALL OVER THE WORLD, definitely, the world would change for the better. I know, Anastasia, it is a dream of yours. You have been dreaming about it. You are a believer and would never betray your dreams.

Many people have already perceived your idea of family estates. These people have really started to act.

But you, Anastasia, don’t know everything, I guess. Let’s get inside. Let’s go to my study room. I’ll show you something and you will see for yourself what those people have run into.”

“All right, Vladimir, let’s go. You’ll show me that something which has messed you up.”

Translated from Russian


Larisa Malgosheva-Bartone

12 Suydam st.

New Brunswick, NJ 08901

E-mail: Larisa7777@aol.com


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